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Weekend Adventures FTW

Guys last weekend I was outdoorsy as shet. And not even in a flirty, trying-to-impress-someone-outdoorsy way. My friends and I went kayaking! On water! In kayaks! 328 more words

Another Peek at Purple

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is purple. And it was so much fun the first time, we just had to do it again. … 81 more words


A Brief Slow Down

For this one week, we’ve slowed down, remembered to breathe, and tried to embrace the hours of sunshine and warmth. Ironically, it all began with a doctor visit.   764 more words


Release the Kraken

Another announcement from Jackson Kayak last week was the release of their new offshore fishing kayak – the Kraken.  This is the boat that Jim Sammons has been working with Tony Lee and the design team at Jackson Kayak to create.   218 more words


I Went Kayaking For The First Time Ever!!!

I’m not completely anti-outdoors, but to be honest with you…I really love going home after work and taking a nap. So being awake in the afternoon is pretty rare. 231 more words


Tree 1814 vs carbon 2014

The classic Sognabåten handmade after old traditions meeting a brand new kayak made in carbon



Racing Gear for BPMR

With the Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race only 2 weeks away, it’s time to shore up your racing gear.

Watercraft choice is an important first step, and you’ve likely thought lots about it already.  155 more words