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Near Kuummuit

Wind and gentle clouds soaring over and shaping a wonderful mountain peak near Kuummuit in East Greenland.

Take Me Back to Summer

It’s the middle of August, and what does that mean? Sadly, that summer’s coming to an end soon. Before we say goodbye to the holiday season and the blazing sunlight, let’s count the outdoors-y places you have to visit in Hong Kong before summer fades! 729 more words


Keterbatasan bukan batasan

Datanglah seorang sahabat dari kota Depok, Irfan Ramdhani. Seorang mahasiswa Universitas Gunadarma yang juga tergabung dalam Mapagunadarma (Mahasiswa Pencinta Alam Universitas Gunadarma). Ia adalah orang yang haus akan petualangan walau dengan kondisinya saat ini pasca kecelakaan ketika latihan SRT (Single Rope Technique) yang mengharuskannya jatuh dari ketinggian 10meter. 308 more words


Road trip! Venture Quest Kayaking

If a breaching whale comes down on you, you will die.

The smiles ringing the group slip slightly. A woman who was already visibly apprehensive about the whole venture sucks in her breath and shoots her husband a tight-lipped sideways glance.

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This weekend I headed to the North Umpqua. In tow was the newest edition in my life: my alpaca 1-person pack-raft. For those unfamiliar, a pack-raft is designed to be exactly what the name suggests: a packable raft. 607 more words

Charlestown Salt Pond

did some ‘yakin in my home town – one of my favourite places


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