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Just Keep Doing It!

Quick, make a mental list of your favorite shoe brands, it doesn’t matter what order you put them in or what personal attributes you used to decide on your list. 481 more words


Kappa Delta Epsilon Omega Spring 2014 Pledge Class Photo Shoot

Photos taken by Sarah Grindle in Fayette and Woodford Counties. For booking information in Central Kentucky, please contact at segr232@g.uky.edu. Instagram: @segr232

How to kill or terminate a process in Kernel Debugger?

Follow these 3 steps:

1: kd> !process
PROCESS ffffe001675178c0
 SessionId: 2 Cid: 0aa8 Peb: 7ff6a0165000 ParentCid: 02cc
 // ...

1: kd> .kill ffffe001675178c0
You need to continue execution (press 'g' <enter>) 
for the kill attempt to occur.

1: kd> g


Tre som vill vara småaktiga snarare än att stoppa rasisterna

Läser just att varken Annie Lööf (vad ska vid med henne till nu igen?), Major Glugg, eller vår egen kristne fundamentalist Göran vill hjälpa till att se till att SD inte får någon reell makt. 105 more words


Sneaker Photo of the Day

KD V ‘Aunt Pearl’
Instagram: @thatwhitekid1234


KD - Livin How Da Song Go ft H.A.M. (Audio)

I’m pretty sure by now yall know KD one of our favorite artists. Here’s a new record by KD featuring H.A.M. called Livin How Da Song Go.


Sneaker Photo of the Day

KD 4 ‘Galaxy’

Instagram photo courtesy of: @grandnash84