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Opening multiple browser tabs simultaneously -- AutoKey comes to the rescue

I sometimes consult several dictionary Web sites concurrently. Typically I have them open simultaneously on different browser tabs so that I can switch between them quickly. 634 more words


What about ?

What about adding sorting order ["Ascending" & "Descending"] dedicated to the grouping set ["Album" & "Format"] as you see in the image:Please vote:

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The KDE Randa 2014 meeting, in easy-digestible video format!

In case you were wondering what was going on in Randa, here are some first hand impressions. The video was produced by Françoise Wybrecht (alias Morgane Marquis) and Lucie Robin, and the people in it are the actual participants of the event. 73 more words


Polylines and arcs.

Polyline features have been improved. Improved drawing arcs. In addition to these tens of bug fixes.The latest version can be downloaded from the menu.


Plasma Active Ported to KF5

The GSoC might have come to an end, but I am very happy with the progress that we have made porting the Plasma Active to KF5. 141 more words


KDE codesprint, Randa, Switzerland

Well, it’s been quiet some days since I came back from the Randa meetings, and I have to admit that after staying there, I have had the single-most productive experience in my life so far. 459 more words

WINE tips: File associations for Windows applications in Linux (continued)

There is a downside to the approach described in my previous post regarding file associations for Windows applications run via WINE, at least in the case of KDE. 494 more words