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The KDE Randa Meeting 2014 in retrospective

Leaving Randa after spending a week there at the KDE Randa Meeting 2014 raises mixed feelings. I am really looking forward to coming home and seeing my family, but at the same time the week was so full of action, great collaboration and awesome people that it passed by in an instant and was over so soon. 735 more words


Four great technological advances

#1: openSUSE Factory Rolling Release Distribution

Over the course of the last several months a lot of changes were made to the development process for openSUSE Factory. 312 more words


KDE Usability @ Akademy

I’m always excited to go to Akademy, but this year even more so than in previous years!

The reason for this is that I’m going to finally meet at least two guys whom I consider friends by now (Jens Reuterberg and Andrew Lake) in person for the first time ever! 245 more words


[GSOC] OTR support for KTp - current state

Despite some twists and obstacles I have finally managed to implement decent OTR support for KTp as my GSOC project. Now you can have encrypted conversations along with other features: 136 more words


How to Install KDE for Kalilinux

What is KDE in Linux operation system?

KDE stands for K Desktop Environment. It is a desktop environment for Linux based operation system. You can think KDE as a GUI for Linux OS. 20 more words

New action in Map left sidebar

Now, You can view all non-Geolocated items from your collection, through “Map” left sidebar.


new laptop with ubuntu 14.04

As I was getting worried about the chances of survival of my current laptop (bought in emergency upon my return from Kyoto!), I decided to use some available grant money to buy a new laptop without stepping through the emergency square. 157 more words