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Simple by Default, Powerful When Needed

KDE (back when it was still the name of the desktop environment) and our applications historically stood for powerful features and great flexibility and customizeability. This is what our users love about our software, this is why they choose Plasma and KDE software instead of one of the other Free desktop offerings. 568 more words


Recent developments in Dolphin: Improvements in Dolphin 4.14, and change of maintainership

Recently, Dolphin 4.14 has been released, and in this post, I will tell you about the improvements that are included in this release. This is my last “recent developments in Dolphin” post – I have… 742 more words


KDE Touchpad configuration ported to Frameworks 5

Fedora 20 with KDE SC 4.14 has been very stable, and after a while it gets…boring – especially when Plasma 5 is already released and you see screenshots everywhere. 442 more words


KDE - 11En3 - iGCSE Paper 1 - Will Randall in Botswana

DUE: Monday, 22nd September

Dear 11En3 – Very impressed with around 70% of you today – some of you are really showing me that you want to succeed in this exam.   215 more words

Year 11

KDE - 11En3 - Mobile Phones Comprehension Qu

11En3, below is an attachment to a persuasive article on the Hazards of Mobile Phones.  

Mobile Phones Article + Questions

Please read, and then complete the 7 Questions on the same document.   47 more words

Year 11

KDE - 10En2 - Creating Mood through Descriptive Writing

Due: Wednesday, 24th

Read through this extract from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol:

A Christmas Carol – extract

D Grade: Analyse Paragraph One, and create a bank of adjectives (words that describe a noun).   91 more words

Year 10

KDE - 10En2 English - Draft an Opening

DUE: Thursday, 18th September

When completing your opening, pay attention to PARAGRAPHING (otherwise you don’t get higher than a D at GCSE!) and the correct use of a range of PUNCTUATION. 126 more words

Year 10