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Friday's EolJJang

Oh, How I am waiting for his latest KDrama to end so I can marathon and have endless hours ..well at least 22 hours to eye perve him :P… 198 more words

EolJjang (Handsome Men)

It's Okay, That's Love Episode 10

Jae Yul has become moody. He gets agitated. He can’t sleep and can’t seem to write and concentrate, his hand is acting up and everything is effecting his relationship with Hye Soo. 2,973 more words


Kdrama Quote

“Miracle is another name for hard work.”


"Fated to Love You" Episode 16 recap

This episode was long on the feels, but short on the plot development. When will you come out of your shell, snail? 1,705 more words


“The Night Watchman ” ep 6~ Rin:” Do you like me?”

In this episode, Rin is accused for cursing the king. When an assassin comes to kill him, Rin runs away. Arrived in the mountains, hurt, Rin falls over a cliff. 1,213 more words


I Love You, Show: King Of High School [Pt. 2]


Sad to know there are no more episodes but glad to know I can watch this show all over again. (gifs from second half of drama)


20 Signs You Might Be Living in a K-Drama

If you have to ask, this won’t be funny.

1. Your idea of serious problem solving is holding up a fist and saying “FIGHTING!!!!”

2. There’s an accompanying theme song for every one of your emotional states, including flu viruses. 286 more words