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Turkish Delight 7 - Lunch at Sultanahmet Koftecisi

One of the things that adds to Turkey’s awesomeness is that it’s very affordable. Accommodation, transportation and food is cheap, and that is the reason we stumbled upon this little kofte (kebab) place in Sultanahmet. 145 more words


Romancing the Kebab

Saturday night.  You’ve been out clubbing until late and you’re hungry.  What do you want?  A kebab!  You race to the nearest kebab shop (and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world there is always a kebab shop) and you order your kebab “with the works”. 589 more words


How to Properly Grill Labor Day Kebabs, Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules for Criminal Success and More #Mustreads

Good morning!

It’s Friday! Skip work and go lie in the grass. And read these articles while you’re out there (courtesy of the Re/code team): 295 more words


Chicken Kebabs with homemade tzatziki

On Saturday night I really fancied some cucumber and had some left over from smoothies in the week. I love cucumber, I think it is great in smoothies and salads but Mum hates it, with a passion! 343 more words


Marinated Chicken Kebabs with Lemon Pepper Yogurt Sauce

Marinated Chicken Kebabs with Lemon Pepper Yogurt Sauce


2 cups extra-virgin olive oil
Juice of 3 lemons
2 tablespoons chopped garlic
3/4 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary leaves (about 4 sprigs) 59 more words


Bosphorus Kebabs - This is No Greasy Hole in the Wall

The doner kebab.  A fatty foodstuff that i shun time and time again for its not-so-nice reputation.  Doner meat (N.B. i’m using the word ‘meat’ in the loosest possible sense because let’s face it, there’s probably more gristle & cartilage than there is meat) is basically made by shoving together leftover bits & pieces of lamb & chicken (and sometimes even pork) with a whole load of fat, right onto a rotating skewer.   549 more words


Kaslik, W1D

The Halal: All of the meat and poultry at Kaslik is halal. 

The Place: Kaslik is named after an enchanting town in Lebanon and can be found amidst the busy bars and restaurants on Greek street in Soho. 237 more words