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my helper is

I’m not going to name her. I’m not going to name myself. Figure it out. I will say that I can see who’s viewing this site. 14 more words


keeper war

Why do the keepers fight your battles for you? Are you too important to do anything for yourself? Did you forget how to do that since you are rich? 9 more words


keep calling

Thank you all you golddiggers that are calling Cody. His keepers are beginning to get irritated and I know it can’t be long before they make themselves look bad. 10 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

I have solid proof

Of this whole thing being staged. Cody did this on purpose once he knew Nicole was choosing to believe everyone’s lies and freeze him out. I’m telling everyone right now that he has to be setting her up for something terrible. 32 more words


adding eggs daily

I’m going to add Easter eggs daily until one of you find them. Who’s going to find the auto delete information? And will they use it? I love drama like this


more eggs hidden

I was bored last night and hid more Easter eggs for all of you to find. Find the jackpot one and this site will self delete. 7 more words


how the hell?

I follow you keepers on social media and don’t understand how you both have so much money to blow? Non profits pay that well? That makes me angrier at Nicole for ruining any chance I had at working with you guys