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heavy blog traffic

This means good things are coming. I can’t wait until this is all over and everything is right again in the world. Cody and Nicole deserve to have their second chance since I screwed it up with my involvement. 28 more words


very impressive

Cody and the keepers do a very good job of hosting events. This panel type of interaction that they do with the public is impressive. I’m not sure how much they’re getting paid but it’s not enough. 17 more words


keepers tell me

So did you guys change offices cause you were tired of me trying to see if I could talk to everyone? I know I’m annoying. I’m trying to do the right thing. 6 more words


mind change

i changed my mind because i feel bad. i manipulated both cody and nicole and it caused something bigger than it should’ve ever been. i don’t think that anyone understands this except for those two. 36 more words


where's fake name?

Did you disappear? I want to give you access to everything. And if you want to give it over to either Nicole or the keepers then you can. 36 more words


Finders Keepers

About: Finders Keepers is a non-fiction book about a tale of archeological plunder and obsession. The author of this book is Craig Childs and he is a traveler, explorer, and a writer who focuses on natural sciences, archaeology, and journeys into the global wilderness. 311 more words

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Every time I see the keepers I think of the Iggy Azalea song Fancy. Seriously do you both blow all your money on shopping and eating fancy dinners?