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Just One

My Friend -

While I love visiting with friends, catching up with a girlfriend over lunch and even having family and/or friends over for dinner, I have also always been comfortable enough to go to a restaurant and eat alone or go to a movie by myself and haven’t given it a second thought…..even when the hostess asks, “Just one?!” I would nonchalantly reply, “Yes” and wait patiently to be seated.  628 more words

Tomfoolery Sells Out Every Show. Encore Date Added!

Guys. Can you believe it?  Our little show, Tomfoolery, sold out Every Single Performance at Conor O’Neill’s this month. Every single one!  How thrilling!  We filled the restaurant.   303 more words

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Another great night of Tomfoolery - sold out - and hardly any tix left for November 9! Thanks to Diane Hill, Naz Edwards, Rich Geary, Kelly Little, Jim Lynch, Melynee Weber, Nina and Bob Schwartz, Jason Ringholz, for coming this week and to anyone I missed! I'm spent! Read more below...


It’s been a barrage lately. I’m here to wave the white flag in words.

I’m weary and unable to stand. It is a giving every day to the point of emptiness. 698 more words

Keepin' It Real

This morning was my friends memorial service. I took the little man. He was so good. Later I wrote this on Facebook:

This was hands down the most beautiful memorial service I have ever attended.

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A Personal Entry

I Say Yes To You

I rummaged around the bed looking for more sleep, but couldn’t find any. Laying there in the dark before dawn I prayed. I feel mentally and emotionally crushed by the need around me, not excluding my own. 876 more words

A Personal Entry

A Cranky Day

It was like a recovering alcoholic walking into a bar, sitting on the stool and ordering just one of his favorite drinks.

I haven’t done it in a long time, but I grabbed up the little man, put him in the car and drove to the store. 456 more words

Keepin' It Real

It Was a Hard Day

Last week I had a day that was hard. One of my children lied to me about something. The lie was exposed and we had to work through the fallout and consequences of the lie. 394 more words