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Beelzebub, the Hero

Something is rotten in Toyland. I’m not getting any eggs. I haven’t quite figured out what’s happening but I suspect the hens might be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after an intrusion incident.

Keeping chickens will make your life better!

Keeping backyard chickens will always add a bit of colour to your life. Taking part in #100happydays is really helping me appreciate the small things in life. 530 more words


Cock Whacking

It appears I have been mollycoddling my cock. I need to treat it a bit more roughly, apparently. To keep it in its place. Easier said than done. 988 more words

Keeping chickens

Well I finally took the plunge and bought three chickens, a coop, some fencing and some food and I’m happy to report that one week on, all is going well! 487 more words

Eglu Chicken Coop

Keeping Chickens

So, you want chickens do you?  You should be forewarned that chickens are the gateway homestead critter.  Food and fun, chickens can be extremely rewarding with only a little work involved.  1,213 more words