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Do you loath the PolyBox??

The PolyBox! The idea is to conceal your treasured eggs into two pieces of polystyrene cut outs, some wrap a little tissue around each egg, others put each egg into a little plastic bag to prevent cross contamination in the event that the postman may have played footy with the box along the way. 294 more words


My First Organic Gardening for Food!

I’m very excited that we’re almost set to move into a new house and for the first time for me there is a lot of space for a kitchen and herb garden. 398 more words


Cock Chasing

What a bloody palaver. This morning one of our neighbours gave us a present of a cock. He’s a tall and handsome chap and the hens were very happy to see him. 349 more words

Home Sweet Home

Our beautiful girls have finally arrived. It feels like a monumental step in our self-sufficiency journey and I’m very, very excited. We decided to buy twelve chickens to start. 764 more words

Chick lit (of the poultry kind)

We have a close neighbour who is English and a superb artist. That’s his profession. He also, along with many others in the area, keeps chickens. 555 more words

Living Abroad

Chicken Run

Spring has come early here in Lithuania. The snow has cleared completely and snowdrops have pushed their lazy, drooping heads through the freshly thawed earth. Birds are chirping in blue skies and the damp, dreary depression that was February is a fast-fading memory.

Flamingo makes it through the night!

I was woken this morning with an A3-size “grave” from Millie and Amber following the disastrous events of yesterday. It’s kind of nice, if a… 156 more words