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Malaysia's missteps in the Flight 370 search

Malaysian officials now say it was Flight 370′s pilot, not the first officer who uttered the final words to air traffic control. It is just the latest piece of information coming from Malaysia that has changed over time. 37 more words


Keeping Them Honest: What is Vladimir Putin talking about?

At times, Russian President Vladimir Putin claims there are no Russian troops in Crimea, but at other times he justifies the invasion as protection from “Nazis and anti-Semites” inside Ukraine. 87 more words


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When lawmakers and lobbyists are family

There’s a saying in Washington that it’s not simply what you know, it’s who you know. It may be a bromide but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. 156 more words

Keeping Them Honest

Keeping Them Honest: Is Ohio the next battleground for the groups behind SB1062?

The type of protests we are seeing in Arizona could soon be coming to other states. The special interest groups that helped write SB1062 are also behind another controversial “religious freedom” bill in Ohio. 15 more words


Keeping Them Honest: Why is one group pushing so hard to make SB-1062 a law?

Defenders say SB-1062, a controversial bill passed by Arizona’s lawmakers, is necessary to protect religious freedom. They insist it’s not meant to discriminate against gays or any other groups. 78 more words