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Maturity... wtf is that even?!

Not even the search for memes can lighten my mood.

I heard something depressing yesterday. It was a little aside comment, and a second party alerted me to it so I didn’t hear it first hand. 1,124 more words


Keeping Up Appearances

FOMO. ┬áThe fear of missing out is an emotion everybody has felt at some point in their life. Heck, I’m 22 and I still get this feeling. 654 more words

Tired of Feeling Jealous, Envious, and/or Trying to Keep Up Appearances?

It is All About One’s RESPECT LEVEL

Recognizing … respecting … everyone has their own challenges, even if that challenge is wealth and good fortune, is how we overcome our own feelings of jealousy, envy, and trying to keep up with those who have more money and material things, who have the talents, abilities, jobs, the relationships, the community status, etc. 1,077 more words