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Day Two Hundred and Forty-Nine: Hyacinth

A Bouquet residence right by our feet, a bed of cultivated blooms, well-bred and behaved, with neat hairdos, no flower out of place, like perfectly petalled, carefully coiffured bluebells, mini Marge Simpsons in the borders. 83 more words


Organizing things by heart

It is said that when you know something “by heart” it means you have it memorized. You also know it so well that you can play or recite it with minimal effort, but perhaps more emotion. 947 more words

The Right Kind Of Pride

Retro TV Wednesday Triple Play (11/19/14)

1. Are You Being Served

2. Keeping Up Appearances

3. The League Of Gentlemen


Humor: Life According to Onslow

” Lewis Carroll said : ‘I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then ‘ —-
I’m just sitting here wondering if that guy left any beer behind.
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Census: Extinction Looms For Irish Catholicism

How uncool is the Catholic Church for today’s Irish kids? If the church were a boy band, it would be like, New Kids On The Block — and nobody would hang its poster on their bedroom walls anymore and it would be so lonely it would have to resort to molesting  83 more words