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Jesu li ljudi sretniji kad imaju više ili Treba li mi veći ormar

Zanimljivo mi je proučavati ljude i usput preispitati sebe. Odokativno (a sigurna sam da i ekonomski pokazatelji potvrđuju) prosječan čovjek ovdje ima više nego u Hrvatskoj. 357 more words

Svakodneveni Izazovi

Damn Those Joneses

In my ever-loving quest to simplify thing around here, I’ve come across a little thing called minimalism. Somehow or another, not too long ago, I came across some blog posts on the subject. 1,145 more words


iFit... BULL$#^T!

I caved to the pressure of acquiring the nextest, newest, bestest, mostest trendiest consumer electronic gadget and bought an iFit with birthday money from my Grandpa. 239 more words


Keeping Up With The Joneses

Our friends are appalled with our lifestyle.  Our families are distraught and everyone we know thinks were bat shit crazy.  Emily’s mother can’t figure out why we deprive ourselves while mine patiently waits for my temporary insanity to end. 469 more words

Living Aboard

Grow the pie, not just the slice

It’s almost that time of year. To figure out whether you’ve been naughty or nice. I’m sure you have some type of list or desire for something this season. 238 more words

Basking In The Confines of Society.

It seems like the only way to live these days is through the eyes of other people. What if we stopped worrying about what the next-door neighbor has and sat down and figured out what living within our means really signifies? 434 more words

I'm The Best!

I looooooove Aunty Acid. The witty old hag cracks me up and how!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Her sarcasm is a staple in my life and imbibing her exaggerated sense of self-importance fetches me some extra brownie points from my giddy-headed fans! 202 more words