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Wow I'm Preapproved To Apply For A Personal Loan To Pay Off Debt

Lol oh banks…. always trying to get me to apply for a loan. Even my own bank tries to convince me I should apply for a “double interest rate discount.” Then they really try make me feel special because it’s a SPECIAL PROMOTION. 153 more words


Lawn Envy

He had the worst case of it
That she had ever seen
He’d come down with lawn envy
And he was bleeding green

To keep up with the Lawnwells… 60 more words

Original Poems

What Are You Missing That Everyone Else Has?

A recent survey found that 1 in 5 homes don’t have a washing machine … is that possible in 2014?

That’s 20%, crazy! But it got me curious … what’s the 1 thing you don’t have at your place, that everyone else does? 13 more words


You were meant to live for so much more ...

Today my husband and I were talking about Storylines.

Particularly, the ones society imposes on us:

You’re supposed to grow up, do normal things, walk the tightrope line of others’ expectations, go to prom, be straight, kiss the boy, kiss the girl, get married, work your way up the corporate ladder, accumulate wealth, have kids, have a big and perfectly decorated house, have a nice car, vacation in the Muskokas in the summer, go skiing and/or go to the Caribbean in the winter, retire, move to Florida, die. 482 more words

Modern Life

Facebook Fatigue Syndrome

“Keeping up with the Joneses” used to be a simple idiom. People would use the phrase to refer to the desire to accumulate material possessions. Social status was measured by how much one had or collected. 753 more words

Our New Normal

Being carried on great wings across the sky....

I love this post by Gabe Berman. So simple. So true. Anyone who takes it to heart will be, almost instantly, happier.

And The Killer Is…

I Call Myself Earth Girl