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A Bike & A Bell

My workout today was simple…conditioning….
10:00 of :30/:30 on my Keiser*
10:00 of swings 22kg x 12 on the minute

* This bike is a little over the top for my home gym, but I got a good deal on it before I knew I would be closing my gym. 184 more words

Conditioning Workouts

Final College!

Today we visited Keiser University, it was a very nice small college and I would really consider going there. They are very energetic and family oriented, and that’s the kind of thing I am looking for in a college. 102 more words

Day 6

Keiser and Daytona

Today we started our day by visiting Keiser University. This college had a very interesting academic structure. They only let you take one class per month making a lesser stress load for their students. 36 more words

Day 6

Beach Day

Keiser was a great school. They were regionally accredited witch was very nice. After the tour at Keiser we webby to Daytona beach. I paired football with the guys but I didn’t go swimming.I walked around the bloodstream and ended up meeting someone famous on vine. 20 more words

Day 6

Today we visited our last college at Keiser University. I absolutely love the fact that you only have one class a month which is less stressful. 55 more words

Day 6

Last Stop For KU

Today we went on our final college tour which was Keiser University. Keiser University has 17 different campuses throughout Florida and 2 international campuses, one in China and the other in Nicaragua. 213 more words

Day 6

Keiser University

Today we visit Keiser University. It was a nice tour.The main majors they focus on is medical Which is the field I want to pursue. 68 more words

Day 6