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25 - 0ngoing LONDON

I love london. I moved here from South Wales aged 25 to study…and wooh. Blissfull in love after 9 years baby. It’s been the ultimate letting go of insecurities…people don’t care that you’re foreign…not because they don’t care, because they care about other things. 137 more words

It Can All Be Fixed with a Glass of Wine (and a Tranquilizer)

So, if I had stuck to the plan, I would have been planting my first plant starts in the straw bales yesterday.  But, I didn’t stay up on events and used the 20-20-20 fertilizer for the straw bale conditioning.  929 more words

O sâmbătă muzicală... complicată

Sunt anumite contexte care te trimit fără menajamente în anumite direcţii. Poate că e o deformaţie personală, dar eu gândesc şi reacţionez de foarte multe ori muzical. 164 more words

Pe Gânduri

Taylor Swift and Pete Townshend

Taylor Swift is very well known for her talent for savaging boyfriends who cross her. She must be a very dangerous date. By comparison if you crossed Pete Townshend it was time to renew your passport and run. 299 more words

Unnoticed In Clever Worlds

John Lennon Once Accused Keith Moon of Peeing in His Recording Studio

Former drummer for The Who Keith Moon is one of classic rock’s ultimate wild men, so that he would do something as crazy and disgusting as pee all over a recording console in the middle of the studio isn’t all that surprising. 162 more words


John Lennon Letter Detailing How Harry Nilsson And Keith Moon Urinated In A Recording Studio Up For Auction

In a letter soon to be auctioned by Cooper Owen, John Lennon seems pretty (excuse my language) pissed at Harry Nilsson and Keith Moon.

“Should you not yet know it was Harry and Keith who pissed on the console!” he writes in the letter, which was to Phil Spector. 122 more words


Doing Drugs With Rock Stars

Here’s the curious thing about doing drugs with rock stars. They behave more or less the same as you do. This is why nobody who has spent any real amount of time with any real rock stars doing any real amount of drugs ever writes about it.

Unnoticed In Clever Worlds