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Keith Olbermann Reminded Us How Obnoxious The NFL and Roger Goodell are again last night.

Just listen to the first two minutes of this video over and over again and tell me how Goodell hasn’t already been fired.  If not for his terrible decision making during the Ray Rice fiasco, at least for being just a straight up idiot.


ESPN's Keith Olbermann has doubts about the independence of the NFL's independent investigation

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann strongly criticized the independent investigation into the NFL’s investigation (yes he points out how complicated that is to say) into the handling of Ray Rice’s case. 42 more words


Why is ESPN the Only Network Partner of the NFL Calling for Roger Goodell to Step Down?

The NFL is broadcasting partners with CBS, NBC, Fox and ESPN, which largely insulates the most powerful sports league in the country from just about every significant member of the sports media. 489 more words


Some Thoughts, and a Request

Hi Everybody,

When I promised to put up some articles on this thing, I was looking forward to getting to do some interesting and in depth opinion pieces. 4,838 more words


Keith Olbermann Continues To Spew Hot Fire At The NFL And Roger Goodell

Regardless of how you feel about Keith Olbermann and his politics, something that seems to throw many people in a tizzy on sight of the man, you have to agree that he’s spot on with… 173 more words


What Keith Said...


I was going to launch a rant on the NFL’s bungling of this mess with domestic abuser Ray Rice but there is little I could add to this other than agree than all of these people, especially Goodell, should be excused from their jobs and Rice should be in jail.  86 more words

In Case You Just Don't Get It

To those who are participating in the victim blaming of Janay Palmer and, therefore, the passive perpetuation of domestic violence, I’m hoping with a tiny sliver of optimism in the human condition that maybe you just simply *can’t* get it.  305 more words