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'Completely clueless': Keith Olbermann bemoans sexism, ought to get a mirror [video]

If there’s one thing that really sticks in Keith Olbermann’s craw, it’s sexism:

VIDEO WORSTS: Boston radio troglodyte apologizes for one sexist insult, makes new one ten seconds later:

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Olbermann Names Cliff Lee Worst In The Sports World Because Of A Fart?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Olbermann,” ESPN’s version of a late night talk show, hosted by Keith Olbermann, features a segment titled “Worst Person in the World.” The segments highlights a particular person who has said something or done something to make them, in Olbermann’s eye, the worst in sports. 167 more words


Keith Olbermann labels Tony Dungy 'World's Worst Person In Sports'

Tony Dungy has been widely criticized for his comments to the Tampa Bay Tribune that he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam because his sexuality would be too much of a distraction, 130 more words


Jason Whitlock Doesn't Think Canadian Athletes "Want it as much" as European and American Athletes

Jason Whitlock has been known to say some controversial things during his career. And he has never shied away from speaking frankly about race. Still, his latest comments about a sports minority group may surprise you. 209 more words


'The Duke' Sues Duke University

The John Wayne family is suing Duke University for attempting to block them from marketing a new bourbon under the American icon’s sobriquet, “Duke.”

As well the Duke’s estate should. 602 more words


The Leaky Wiki: Keith Olbermann's Wife Forces Him to Help out Around the House, Named as 'Worst Person in the World'

Reading satire written years before, it turns out, can mean that what was once topical is no longer memorable.

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