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“There is a case for telling the truth; there is a case for avoiding the scandal; but there is no possible defense for the man who tells the scandal, but does not tell the truth.”

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'Douche nozzle' Keith Olbermann bravely mocks NASCAR fans ... again

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a man bites dog story when Keith Olbermann behaves like a preening douchebag to people he perceives to be beneath him … which is pretty much anyone who doesn’t also have his head firmly implanted in Barack Obama’s lower GI tract. 455 more words


Keith Olbermann continues his dominance as the voice of reason in Sports

If you wish to be fully enlightened by the sports philosopher that is Keith Olbermann, then watch the entire segment.  The Penn State segment starts at about 2:00 minutes in, and it is staggering how well Olbermann says exactly what we’re all thinking.

Casey S. Gutting

NASCAR: Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace goes off on Olbermann in radio interview

As part of his op-ed yesterday on how this NASCAR off-season has veered into the bizarre, my colleague, Tony DiZinno, brought up the recent Twitter scrap between big-name sports commentator Keith Olbermann and six-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson – a scrap that began with Olbermann spouting off on the Kurt Busch/Patricia Driscoll saga. 470 more words

Keith Olbermann Blasted the NCAA and Penn State After Restoration of Joe Paterno's Wins

The NCAA and Penn State came to an agreement yesterday resulting in Joe Paterno getting his vacated wins back. As a result, he is once again the winningest coach in major college football history. 98 more words



I found myself yesterday doing something I don’t ordinarily do on a regular basis: disagreeing with Keith Olbermann.

The topic was whether or not wins should be restored to Paterno’s record, once again giving him 409 wins to lead all NCAA coaches on its biggest level.   157 more words


Bud Selig Is “Comfortable”

Bud Selig is down to his last handful of days as commissioner of baseball.  Selig took over baseball as chairman of the executive council in 1992, following Fay Vincent’s resignation. 64 more words