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The Real Issue with Ray Rice

I have watched the coverage of Ray Rice for the past week. I’ve read articles, watched sports analysts discuss how to stop domestic violence and heard opinions from those around me. 557 more words


Vox's laughable praise of Keith Olbermann's 'zero tolerance' for 'sexist bullsh*t' given reality check

Keith Olbermann recently spoke out against sexism in sports, and Vox was quick to heap on the praise:

.@KeithOlbermann has zero tolerance for sexist bullshit, especially from the NFL…

42 more words

TV Host Loses His Sh*t After A Football Player Gets An Unbelievable Punishment For Beating His Wife

The NFL has long used its power as an employer to influence the behavior of players on and off the field. We’ve had a lot of time to see how they dole out fines, suspensions, and other kinds of punishment. 35 more words


The Ray Rice Effect

I’d planned to tell you about the writerly “Eureka” moments I’ve experienced these past two weeks as I work through the professional edits of Refuge of Doves… 1,052 more words


Keith Olbermann on Ray Rice

If you have to beat up a woman to get ahead in life, don’t waste my time.

It’s a shame the NFL didn’t come down harder on Ray Rice recently. 126 more words


The NFL Won't Stand Up for Women: Olbermann Will

I’ll be completely honest, most days, I am not a fan of ESPN commentator Keith Olbermann. He comes across as smug, pretentious and gives off this air of “I’m smarter than you,” and what’s worse, “I know it.” 94 more words


Watch Keith Olbermann Annihilate The NFL For Being Tougher On Weed-Smoking Than They Are On Wife-Beating

If you’re an NFL player who gets caught smoking that EVIL wacky tobacky, you will be suspended for four games. If you’re an NFL player who gets caught beating his wife and dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator in New Jersey, you will be suspended…wait, seriously, … 131 more words