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9 august.

We are here! There are delicious things to eat, soft beds to rest on, and conversations to be understood!  There are more people to see and things to be done than there is time for. 126 more words


love snack.

On Saturday–twenty four hours before we were leaving–I was up early to get the house cleaned from Friday’s community dinner and finish packing and preparing to go.   593 more words


i get by with a little help my friends.

We had such a lovely day on Friday. It was full, and to be honest, it isn’t good when you aren’t sure when you wake up how you will fit in time for meals. 1,473 more words


more random than most.

This post is more random than most. I just have a few thoughts swirling in my head.

I have two thoughts on language learning:

First, it is very, very difficult to utilize a secondary language while driving in a foreign country.   167 more words


make-up kit.

The other day three little girls brought by a make-up kit, and it seemed the best thing to do was just go along with it. 132 more words



Because sometimes you just can’t help but be catching up.


Every day looks different around here. This particular morning, Stephen was out to breakfast with a friend, and I was sitting down to bowl of yogurt and granola.   638 more words


jor lay.

Meet Jor Lay.

We’ve known him since the day he was born. He was delivered to our doorstep during a flood when he was five days old; I held him until the mother was delivered a few minutes later on an inner tube. 460 more words