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We got to celebrate Stephen’s birthday yesterday!

We started the day off slow, sleeping in, enjoying chocolate chip pancakes, and reading at a local coffee shop. 197 more words



I think we sort of started a small business.

It seems like everything else here in our little neighborhood: we pray for God to open doors, and He does. 418 more words


a new favorite.

This is one of my new favorite things, so we carted it all the way around the world.

My grandma is an amazing quilter & seamstress. 235 more words


a blunder.

Chit Mhwe and I have been going to the market together for the past couple weeks. She is fifteen and lives with her father and nephew. 422 more words


english classes!

We started English classes!

We are actually finishing our third week, since we started the day after we returned to Mae Sot. It has been so much fun! 192 more words


Episode 20: Current Struggles

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Host: Kelli
Contributors: Swetha, Robin, Patrick, Dayana, Dana
Topic: Current Struggles
Format: Meeting

This week, the group has a meeting in which they each share situations where they are currently struggling to apply their program. 29 more words



With all the changes in our country & neighborhood, many of the families have moved into concrete homes|rooms in the past few months. This has increased their monthly expenses, as rent is at least double and sometimes up to five times as much. 223 more words