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When I was younger, there were only a few things that were of great importance in my life: getting invited to a friend’s house for dinner when it was meatloaf night, looking good on picture day, and Saturday morning… 854 more words

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Throwback Thursday - 'Saved By The Bell'

This week’s Throwback Thursday has a little different twist to it. The beloved ’90s TV show “Saved By The Bell” is about to be put under the microscope. 164 more words


TV SHOW - Saved by the Bell Part 1

This is my first post about a TV show. Each show will have two parts – one general ‘about the show’ kind of thing also mentioning any spin off series and one more specific part, with small descriptions of character, settings, examples of plots, etc. 205 more words


Dressed To The Nineties: The 25th Anniversary Of Saved By The Bell

Brrrrriiiiing! When we wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, we just wanna watch some Saved By The Bell.. 1,463 more words


Saved by the bell: 25 Years of Style Comebacks

When I was a kid I loved Saved By The Bell…and I mean LOVED it. I’d memorize the lines, impersonate the characters and reenact the dance routines. 250 more words


Daily Delight - Thursday, August 14th 2014 - #TBT Saved By The Bell

“When I wake up in the morning
And the alarm gives out a warning
And I don’t think I ever make it on time
By the time I grab my books…

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Daily Delight