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An Outpouring of Support

I appreciate all the encouraging words after my online revelation—not about postpartum depression, but about JEAN JACKETS being back.

(Also sincerely loved hearing others’ thoughts on PPD. 366 more words


THURSDAY. March 20, 2014

Mercury missed the memo on whatever the fuck retrograde is. She thought it has something to do with dressing retro so she showed up to a party dressed like Kelly Kapowski from  116 more words

8 Reasons Why Zack Morris Is A Monster And A Criminal

Everyone just loves Zack Morris. He’s charming, good looking, and can control time and space by calling a timeout. What most people don’t discuss is the dark, sinister side of Zack. 1,167 more words

Characters You Wish Still Existed


Do you vicariously live through various television characters? Or slip into a deep, dark and extremely irrational state of depression when you realize your favourite television character no longer exists because the show you have been watching religiously for the past year and a half has been cancelled? 510 more words


See What Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, and Other Stars Would Look Like Covered in Tattoos

In case you’ve ever felt as though some famous folks are simply too vanilla, this Tumblr might be just the thing for you. Shopped Tattoos… 248 more words