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Cop Asks Man For License, Shoots Him When He Goes to Get It - Now It's Comply & Die?

Welcome to the New World Order, where compliance with law enforcement can get you killed just as much as resistance. This is the new norm, cops are judge, jury and executioner and are legally committing homicide everyday in this dying world; the day is coming when you will be forced to run from these Nazi SS thug agents of the system because if you don’t, you’re as good as dead. 207 more words

New Lawsuit Against Fullerton Police Department Alleges Forcible Sex by Detective in 2013

A lawsuit just filed in federal court alleges that a now ex-Detective Ronald Bair, of the Fullerton Police Department, demanded sexual favors from a woman in exchange for favorable testimony in a child custody case. 566 more words

Fullerton City Council

Hostile Police – Death Threats Upon America

The below video is intentionally absent of the sound in the majority of the clips. I realize that some will say that without sound, we won’t know the context. 268 more words