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My Kemetic Name

i just received my Kemetic (egyptian) name based on my incarnation objective. 

Rakhita Menankht – a female who lives with firm corrections by cultivating and maintaining health of the life force


Secrets of the universe

before there was history people tried to grasp the origins and meaning of life



Urban Apologetics Anyone?

We’ve all been there. We are engaged in a conversation with a friend about Christ and they bring up a question that we are not prepared for. 124 more words

Stolen Legacy: A Writer's Remembrance

The other day I was at a poetry spot and the host gently reminded the audience how magnificent the art was for the evening and that it had all been created by African American people.  490 more words


Hair Extension Found On Ancient Egyptian Woman

The body of an Egyptian woman, who died more than 3,000 years ago, was discovered recently. On her head were about 70 or so hair extensions. 244 more words


Giants of Dendera used Tools that Carved Stone .

Giants of Dendera used tools that carves stone faster than any modern high temper steel hammer and chisel could ever hope to.


Nibiru means the Prophet-Planet

Nibiru means the Prophet-Planet, however, today that planet has a different name, Mercury