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Music Monday: March 31

Doctor Who always makes me think of Wepwawet, as well. :)


Music Monday: March 24th.

I’ve always felt this song describes how I felt about meeting Wepwawet for the first time.


Wine and Words

Drinking with Shezmu resumed tonight. :)

I haven’t had a drink with Him in some time, so I was very happy to. I brought up my fears and insecurities, and he was quiet, but understanding. 201 more words

Depictions of Shezmu

I’ve posted some photosets on tumblr with images of Shezmu:

Lion-headed form

Anthropomorphic form

I wanted to share these with others, as I feel Shezmu would appreciate others getting to know Him, or at least seeing Him. 16 more words

Building Connections

(repost from my tumblr)

It’s interesting how some Gods help you connect better with others. 

In the beginning I felt very close to Nefertem, who in turn helped me connect (and still helps me) to Shezmu. 114 more words

The King and I

It’s my first time in the Tawy House main shrine room. The wall is lined with comfortable green chairs; I perch awkwardly on one, nervous about meeting new people and still more nervous about meaning the person who calls herself “King”.

444 more words
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