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Philadelphia and What I Found There

Earlier this month I spent a week in Philadelphia with a dear friend of mine for her birthday. I haven’t been to Philly in years and found myself quickly falling in love with the city all over again. 1,012 more words


KRT: The Blessed Dead and how I Honor Them

Because just a little after 3am on the day of strikes me as the best time to write this.

Akhu basics: Do akhu play a role in your practice? 679 more words

KO - A Brief Personal Introduction.

I don’t write about religion.

Wrong. I never write about MY religion.

Why? I’ve never thought of why until today. So, let’s give a bit of background to this post. 326 more words


Late post- Epagomenal Day 4: Aset

Yesterday I was feeling very sick, so I did not do much for Aset’s day.

I did the little ritual Hemet posted, and left an electronic candle on for a couple of hours. 68 more words

Epagomenal Day 3: Set

So my day has been a little more hectic than the past two days, but I kind of expected that. xD

Lots of stuff has been going on at home, including me getting to watch a dog who is on more medications than I am. 248 more words

From 7/30: Epagomenal Day 2: Heru-wer

Let’s see…

The day started off super early. I woke up before the sun even rose, so I waited until it had risen, wished Heru-wer a happy birthday just as I did for Wesir, and then proceeded to fall back asleep. 139 more words

From 7/29: Epagomenal Day 1: Wesir

Ahhhhhhhhhh, my first time celebrating the Epagomenal Days…….

So, for Day 1:

I literally walked over to my shrine and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESIR”. Then proceeded to run over and tell my spouse what was up. 103 more words