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Last night

I posted this earlier today on tumblr, but I feel like posting it here too.

Last night I suddenly thought of Anup. I didn’t think anything specific about him, just, Anup. 92 more words


Wep Ronpet 2014

My Wep Ronpet (Kemetic New Year) was today. I didn’t have much to say about the intercalary days, so I’m making one post for all of that. 395 more words


Settling in

Re: my last post, trying to figure out how to juggle multiple deities, and all that…

Actually, I feel like it’s coming together. The first few days there was much flailing. 658 more words


So many deities

The deities in my life (for certain values of “in my life”) are: Geb, Wepwawet, and Anup. And more recently, Loki.

Ah, Loki. That went something like this: 275 more words