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KRT: The Perks of Kemeticism

What parts of Kemeticism do you enjoy the most? How has Kemeticism enriched your life?

Despite the fact that my life pretty much revolves around Kemeticism, I actually found this topic to be very very difficult. 1,148 more words



For this month’s Round Table, we’re discussing what parts of being Kemetic we enjoy the most and how it has enriched our lives.

I had to give this some thought because I’ve realizedĀ I found it extremely hard to put all of it in words. 828 more words

Food For Thought

Community, Kemetic Style [KRT Post]

What parts of Kemeticism do you enjoy the most? How has Kemeticism enriched your life?

I think one of the best parts of Kemeticism is the community. 300 more words


The Monday Quote

Since we’ve been discussing the Afterlife for the KRT this month, I thought this is relevant for the discussion. The following is an excerpt from… 144 more words


The Afterlife

This is a Kemetic Round Table response. If you wish to see all the responses for this month, go here.

The ancient Egyptians are famous for their elaborate preparations for death. 805 more words


KRT: Afterlife

For this KRT we are discussing various ideas regarding the afterlife both then and now. The Egyptian realm of the dead, often referred to as the Duat (and sometimes as the Dat or Dwat) was a complicated place filled with all sorts of weird beings. 2,197 more words


The Veil [KRT POST]

How did the Egyptians view the afterlife? How do you view the afterlife? Does this effect your practice at all?

In the most simplistic explanation that I can manage, the ancient Egyptians believed that after death, your soul would go through a series of adventures through the afterlife, culminating in the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. 441 more words