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Words, words and more.... words

This is a Kemetic Round Table post and this month’s topic is Terminology and Language.

When adhering to a religion which originated from a completely different place in space and time it can become quite the challenge to adopt the correct terminology for your practice and to communicate with others who adhere to the same religion or set of beliefs. 545 more words

Food For Thought

Daily Ritual, Christo-Kemetic Style

Note: This post is for the KRT topic, ‘Daily Ritual’.

I’ll be honest, I’m so new to this I really didn’t have a ‘daily worship’ habit yet. 332 more words


KRT: Terminology & Language

Terminology and language: how necessary is it? Is there a right or wrong way to use terminology and language in your practice?

When I think about terminology and language and how it applies to Kemetic practices, I feel like it can be applied in three ways: 934 more words


Words, They Meen Theengs

Welp, words. Terminology. How sticky is this topic going to be? Well, let’s get crackin’…

Words are actually not our primary mode of communication. Most of our communication is nonverbal. 466 more words


Love and Hate, Creation and Destruction

Note: This is for the KRT topic, ‘Ma’at and Isfet’.

I see ma’at and isfet as simple concepts:

The forces of creation, vs. the forces of destruction. 144 more words


Taken by Senen: How I Found My Way Home Again

Note: This post is for KRT’s first ever topic, ‘How I Got Started’.

“I’m coming home,

I’m coming home,

Tell the world I’m coming home, 279 more words


Live in Ma'at. Oppose Isfet

For many Kemetics (if not most) these two concepts have a particular importance on many levels. Living and sustaining Ma’at is a basic religious and moral precept. 641 more words

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