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Wep Ronpet and Resolutions

Wep Ronpet occurred in my location on 8/13. Before that time would have been the Closing of the Year and the five Days Upon the Year. 376 more words


My Hymn to the Great God Set, Composed on His Birthday (July 29, 2014)

Homage to Thee, O Suti!

Homage to Thee, O Ladder of Set!

Suti joins together my neck and my back in strength;

May nothing happen to break them apart. 106 more words


Herbal Intellect Episode 8: Stress and Your Thoughts Part 5

Part 5

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Stress Management with Herbs

Tune in to Herbal Intellect this Saturday at 4pm Pacific time… 70 more words

Herbal Intellect

KRT: Akhu 101

I struggled a lot with deciding on what I wanted to write for this topic because despite how much work I do with the dead on the astral, akhu play next to no role in my practice. 1,050 more words


KRT: The Blessed Dead and how I Honor Them

Because just a little after 3am on the day of strikes me as the best time to write this.

Akhu basics: Do akhu play a role in your practice? 679 more words

The Form of my Faith

One of the things I love about religion, at least up until the past 1000 years or so, is how it changes with time. Back in the day you had a religion, and then your nation conquers another nation, or is conquered itself, and suddenly you have a bunch of new gods added to the mix, and your religion changes to accomodate new rituals and deities, and fusions of deities. 398 more words