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I don’t know everything and I’m no longer shy about admitting it.

In my mind, admitting ignorance on a topic is a virtue because it allows clarity in discussion, and also means there’s an opportunity to learn something new.  860 more words

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Sometimes, figuring out what counts as a choice is the tricky part.

When I learn something new that resonates with me, I find it difficult not to allow the NRE* to spill over into every aspect of my life… 396 more words

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KRT: Afterlife

For this KRT we are discussing various ideas regarding the afterlife both then and now. The Egyptian realm of the dead, often referred to as the Duat (and sometimes as the Dat or Dwat) was a complicated place filled with all sorts of weird beings. 2,197 more words


The Veil [KRT POST]

How did the Egyptians view the afterlife? How do you view the afterlife? Does this effect your practice at all?

In the most simplistic explanation that I can manage, the ancient Egyptians believed that after death, your soul would go through a series of adventures through the afterlife, culminating in the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. 441 more words


PBP: H is for Het

In Ancient Egyptian het translates to “house”.  This takes on many meanings and interpretations.  We see it as a possible mortuary reference in the name Nebt-het.  495 more words



I’m into vultures.

Well, actually, I’m into wildlife in general, but vultures are one of those groups of animals that stand out for me.  There’s something magnificent and majestic about them; I love to watch them roost, and eat, and fly, and I don’t find them ugly or despicable as so many people do. 664 more words

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Pulling back and observing

I’ve been in my new position for about 6 weeks now. I’m happy not to come home totally stressed out of my tree and full of anger. 581 more words