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PBP: E is for Egg

When Pagans think of eggs they usually associate it with Ostara or other Pagan faith. What most Pagans, let alone Kemeticists, realize is eggs have a symbolic significance with the Ancient Egyptians as well. 390 more words


Open Your Heart

Usually Hethert gives me that lecture, on those rare occasions when she decides to visit. It sounds like the kind of thing she’d say. More recently, Ra was the one telling me to do this. 494 more words


Do Not Sass Shu or Set

Yay, alliteration!

I wanted to share this story.

For me, Shu and Set bring in nasty weather. Set, in particular, is a snowy deity here in the Colorado area. 204 more words


And Now I Will Punch Myself in the Face

AKA: Shine is a Doofus, But She’s Lernin’z

I have an occasional diversion in which I like to indulge (read: I’m supposed to be programming a web app but I don’t wanna and I also don’t want to get sucked into the blackhole of Reddit). 1,712 more words


The Fey Dragon

Today I had the opportunity to stop into a Pagan store in the college town where my brother is attending school. It was small but neat and full of wonderfully interesting things. 60 more words