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Back to Zero

Last year, I decided I wanted to be a monk. One year later, and I’m still a bit fuzzy on what that means.

The first part seems to be about reducing distractions and recognizing the patterns that send me in the wrong direction. 714 more words



“Everything is part of everything.¬† Pass the soup.”Katie Waitman, The Merro Tree

I believe in connections, in the links between things Рnouns, especially.  465 more words

Pagan Blog Project

The King and the Land

(Land work is not PC, or rated G, or safe.. But here it is.)

I stood in Heru’s temple. He sat on his throne, watching me. 403 more words


Spirit Journey of Love

I’ve been quiet due to personal reasons but I want to start writing more on here and getting things out there. I’ve been meaning to write another post but this one took precedent. 1,032 more words


Return of the King

enter the kingdom.
my homecoming,
met with a shower of
I stand erect.
by the sweat of my brow
and back of me… 21 more words


Community, Kemetic Style [KRT Post]

What parts of Kemeticism do you enjoy the most? How has Kemeticism enriched your life?

I think one of the best parts of Kemeticism is the community. 300 more words


Pagan Denominations

*Not all Pagans are Wiccan, not all are listed.


Old Religion: tradition from Wales and Cornwall
Movement Began: Unknown
Based On: the Arthurian myths… 162 more words