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Offerings with Limitations

I love the idea of offerings. The notion of reciprocity between humans and gods. The idea of a cycle where they give to us, and we give to them, and through this exchange, Creation is propelled forward and maintained. 1,082 more words


Let Them Eat Cake

As most Kemetics know, Wep Ronpet is coming up at the end of the month (for most of us). And while we have quite a few activities for Wep Ronpet itself… 797 more words


The Hazards of the Serpent Foe

I first posted this experience a couple of years ago on DreamWidth, and I believe it merits a repost here.

One night as I lay down to sleep, a strange entity entered the house.  542 more words

KRT: Deity Communication

I have a love-hate with the topic of deity communication. I love it because I love reading about how the gods manifest and communicate with different people. 1,113 more words


Talkin' With The Deities [KRT POST]

God radios: How to live with one, how to live without one. What happens if the reception is bad, or the gods quit responding?

I’ve always had some sort of psychic ability ever since I was a child, so to me, I never batted an eye at being able to communicate with the Gods when I became Pagan. 525 more words


The Seven Arrows of Sekhmet

Of all the archer goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon, Sekhmet was the most dreaded.  Her arrows came to be personified as seven messengers who inflicted plague and destruction on humanity. 

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Meeting the Reapers

At all periods there are a few texts that describe Osiris as a terrifying figure who dispatches demon-messengers to drag the living into the gloomy realm of the dead.

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