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Lady of the Dark Waters

I can be very dense when it comes to the gods. This is not news, but it is always startling when I’m smacked in the face by my ability to miss the big picture. 460 more words



“Prayer for Fallen Felines”

Mother Cat, watch over your fallen child
and guide their spirit to the Eternal Land
may they hunt in fields of moonlight… 74 more words



I honestly couldn’t care if this feeling is fabricated
if it’s the Prozac or the Topamax (or both)
the B12 or the vitamin D
hell, maybe it’s all the Eggo waffles and Goldfish crackers… 30 more words


Alive and Progressing

I don’t post over here much anymore, mostly because I have several tumblrs (both my polytheist one and secular ones) that I do most of my blogging on. 404 more words



Lord Sun, who surrenders all to love, teach me how to choose happiness.

Prince Moon, who surrenders to no one, teach me how to choose happiness. 28 more words



Mother Cat, who chose me at birth
take me into your blessed service
I shall protect your children as my own
and honor the spirits of their dead… 148 more words


KRT: Making Sense of Heka

How do you work with heka? How can you utilize heka more in your day to day life? Any tips for people trying to get started in using heka? 2,284 more words