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Seasons Come in Many Forms

When most of us think of seasons, we think of weather based seasons that occur in the natural world. You know the ones- spring, summer, fall, winter. 1,105 more words


Two Hymns to Broken Gods

The other day, while sadly I wasn’t at home, P.S.V.L. stopped by along with another friend on their way to the recent Amanda Palmer show… 272 more words


All Souls 2014

Another year has come and gone, and yet again I participated in the All Souls Procession. For those who don’t know what the All Souls Procession is, it is a community driven event that occurs down in Tucson every year. 1,337 more words


Of Collars and Vows

I had known about this for months, but was still nervous.  More excited than anything else, but still a little bit nervous–this was a big step I was taking, after all.  311 more words

Sacred D/s

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Hail Briar and the beginning of a new chapter in her relationship with Anubis. Oaths and vows, especially ones to deities, regardless of the nature of the relationship involved, are never things to take lightly because there there are almost no take backs involved. At the same time, however, such oaths and vows can be very beautiful and powerful between the person and deity or deities they are oathing themselves to. I love hearing and reading about the various relationships folks’ possess with their deities as it is a very beautiful and rewarding thing to behold. I wish nothing but the best for Briar and Anubis – May their path together always be full of love and strength.

Pyramid Scheme

Sometimes I sit at work with a large pile of drugs in front of me that all need to be numbered and logged, and around me there are techs and veterinarians coming in to ask questions and get things, and the phone is ringing, and prescription labels are printing, and I stare at my large pile of drugs and I think, “How am I going to get this done?” 264 more words


KRT: Afterlife

For this KRT we are discussing various ideas regarding the afterlife both then and now. The Egyptian realm of the dead, often referred to as the Duat (and sometimes as the Dat or Dwat) was a complicated place filled with all sorts of weird beings. 2,197 more words


The Veil [KRT POST]

How did the Egyptians view the afterlife? How do you view the afterlife? Does this effect your practice at all?

In the most simplistic explanation that I can manage, the ancient Egyptians believed that after death, your soul would go through a series of adventures through the afterlife, culminating in the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. 441 more words