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A Creation Myth

The ancient Egyptians had many creation myths, and at least three main ones that I can think of, but this is my favorite, and it leads perfectly into the Osirian myths (of which there are also many versions). 295 more words


The Tao of Ma'at (or the Ma'at of Tao)

Tao: the flow of the universe, or some essence or pattern behind the natural world that keeps the universe balanced and ordered. ( 488 more words


Some Things Can't Be Compartmentalized

com·part·men·tal·ize verb \kəm-ˌpärt-ˈmen-tə-ˌlīz, ˌkäm-\

: to separate (something) into sections or categories
: to separate (two or more things) from each other
: to put (something) in a place that is separate from other things…

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KRT: Terminology & Language

Terminology and language: how necessary is it? Is there a right or wrong way to use terminology and language in your practice?

When I think about terminology and language and how it applies to Kemetic practices, I feel like it can be applied in three ways: 934 more words


A Project Idea

So, yesterday a friend posted an interesting article about a school district in Florida. Apparently, some conservatives and evangelicals made a big fuss to get Christian religious materials distributed in public schools. 115 more words

Surrounded By The Sun

KRT: Creation, Uncreation and Balance

Despite being a central tenet within the Kemetic religion, there seems to be very little written about ma’at. Most Egyptologists don’t seem to be terribly interested in getting into the nitty gritty aspects of the concept ( 1,488 more words


Soft polytheism and an Apology from Loki (Loki Fix It)




Last year when I had found out that we had to move and times were very dismal. I was pissed. I have had a long term contract with the gods. 764 more words