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Let Them Eat Cake

As most Kemetics know, Wep Ronpet is coming up at the end of the month (for most of us). And while we have quite a few activities for Wep Ronpet itself… 797 more words


Why Priesthood is Pointless

It seems like discussion about priesthood is an almost yearly thing. That at least during some point of the calendar year, we Kemetics feel obligated… 1,635 more words


I finally did it!

I finally got up the courage to present prayer petitions to Nefertem and Shezmu. They have been asking this of me for awhile, and I’ll admit I have been so afraid of doing it that I spent a lot of time avoiding the possibility. 65 more words

For Hethert

(cross-posted to my tumblr)


Radiance springs forth

From my mouth as I sing

Your praises


Bring me close, Mother of Mothers

Envelop me with your warmth… 29 more words

KRT: Offerings 101

One of my favorite things to write about is offerings. This is probably because in my practice, offerings are one of the most important aspects of being a Kemetic right after the whole living in ma’at thing. 1,646 more words


Nobody Ever Promised Omnipotence

I asked Sekhmet to save someone’s life a couple weeks ago. A child. I begged her. I pleaded. I threatened. I made grand promises with every intention of keeping them. 199 more words


Boat Paddling: The Second Rule of Kemeticism is...

One of the most repeated phrases that I see around the Kemetic community is “Don’t be a dick”, and for good reason! You can’t build solid communities if everyone is treating the other members like crap. 1,236 more words