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Increase performance and engagement in four minutes

Are you a manager? Do you have people reporting in to you?

If this is you, I would like to share a gift with you a gift that will keep on giving… if you apply take the gift and use it to its full and intended potential… 939 more words

One Minute Manager & Teams Critique

Hey guys I’m feeling productive so I wanted to share with you my critique of The One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams by Ken Blanchard . 1,827 more words

Service Alone Will Not Make Anyone A Leader

People often times want to know what the “Secret” to great leadership is. I have had the opportunity to read this book and I will say, personally, one of the greatest comments made in the book is, “A person can serve without leading, but a leader can’t lead well without serving.”As leaders, we often seek out the secret to great leadership, and what we discover is, there is no secret. 46 more words


Reading Notes: The One Minute Manager

When I read I usually take some reading notes (in Evernote) to help me retain the main points and some learnings. I thought it might be a good idea to start publishing these in an occasional series, in case they may be helpful to anyone. 522 more words


Heads UP, Heads Down

Last week was the 10th anniversary of the book “The Secret – What Great Leaders Know and Do“, by Mark Miller and Ken Blanchard. 368 more words


This is One Secret that is Not Meant to be Kept

Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller’s 10th Anniversary edition of The Secret is definitely not meant to be kept to yourself!

An updated version of their classic business fable, … 190 more words


Wisdom Seeks Clarity; Experience Delivers It [BOOK RECOMMENDATION]

Reposted from the Leadership Freak Blog:

Confusion is common. Confusion is the gift of those who think they know but don’t. Wisdom seeks clarity; evaluated experience delivers it. 57 more words