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What’s Your ONE WORD or PHRASE for 2015?

Never a minimalist with words (just ask my family), the challenge minister Dave Stone recently issued has confounded me.  (Checkout www.southeastchristian.org   Dave’s sermon was preached 12/28/14.)  Dave cited the book, … 632 more words

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Kenneth Blanchard: Management Storyteller

It was tempting to describe Ken Blanchard as a simplifier, because that’s what he has done throughout his career; simplify the skills of management. But that is not the essence of what he does. 844 more words

Management Thinkers

3 Questions You Should Always Ask

Cameron walked home as he did every day, entered the house, and turned on the Xbox One he got for his birthday.  That was a great day!   568 more words


Stuck in a rut? Ken Blanchard on How to REFIRE in Four Key Areas

Everyone finds themselves in a rut from time to time and the new year is a time to look ahead and refire!

The takeaways from Ken Blanchard’s soon-to-be released new book,  709 more words


Ken Blanchard quote

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it is convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses” Ken Blanchard


Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Happy Holidays to you all! I just finished reading a great book by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller called “The Secret, What Great Leaders Know and Do”. 234 more words


Four Ways to Refire at Work

People who embrace life with gusto enjoy better health and more happiness and fulfillment says Ken Blanchard in his latest column for Chief Learning Officer magazine… 523 more words

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