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The Strength Of Teamwork

Ken Blanchard’s quote “None of us is as smart as all of us” is one of my favorites that I use often when consulting or lecturing. 277 more words

Employee Management

Accomplished guru Ken Blanchard hosts campus lecture

By Zach Hallman, Staff Writer

On Oct. 29, Ken Blanchard came to Armstrong to speak to students and faculty. Blanchard is a management guru, bestselling author, and motivational speaker whom over a long career has redefined how to manage the work place and manage life in general. 539 more words


Motivation Problems with Your Team? Your Leadership Habits Might Be An Issue

Habits are a time saver. They function a bit like reading a large paper map and knowing where to go with a single glance instead of having to rotate the map and trace the route to the destination with your finger. 585 more words

Performance Management

Increase performance and engagement in four minutes

Are you a manager? Do you have people reporting in to you? If this is you, I would like to share a gift with you a gift that will keep on giving… if you take the gift and use it to its full and intended potential. 939 more words