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Bond's Women: Feminist Heroes or Mere Accessories?

The common perception of a Bond girls, as damsels in distress waiting for our hero James Bond to save from the clutches of the villain and also themselves, is not without its flaws. 2,042 more words

Between The Covers

Breaking Free

One of the joys of garage sale browsing: coming across a book that you’ve been wanting to read or thinking about reading and picking it up for a song. 398 more words

REVIEW: The Pillars of the Earth

So, this month I’ve been reading ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. And I do literally mean it’s taken me a month to read the book, because it’s over 1,000 pages long, and because when you only have time to read 10 pages a day, everything takes a little bit longer. 508 more words


My Review of "The Pillars of the Earth"

For the uninitiated, Ken Follett is a thriller author who has made a career out of writing enormous thrillers that pretend to be historical fiction. A few months ago, I read “ 362 more words


Great read for the weekend...

If you have read Ken Follett’s
#Fall_of_Giants and #Winter_of_the_World: Book Two of the Century Trilogy, considered by many to be the most violent in history. 336 more words

To "e" or not to "e", that is the question

Digital e-readers are becoming increasingly more popular and are available in different devices to suit most individual preferences and pocketbooks. A divide does exist, however, between those who have embraced the new technology and those who prefer the traditional hard or soft-cover paper version. 595 more words

Songs May Live Forever

A lark, caught in a hunter’s net

Sang sweeter then than ever,

As if the falling melody

Might wing and net dissever.

At dusk the hunter took his prey…

452 more words