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Counterculture Heavyweights

Beatniks, Hippies, Artists and Stars

Certain creative types made names for themselves in post-war America as rebels against the status quo. With all-American war hero  636 more words


Yes I Did

A cool fact ironic in nature that happened at the State Mental Hospital:

Well, when I sunk to a level 1 from a level 7 I experienced too much time in my idle brain. 572 more words

Peace, Love & Reincarnation

I’ve been watching a documentary series on CNN called The SixtiesIt’s a ten-part look at the influence the 1960s had on American culture and society, with episodes devoted to topics such as the Cold War, JFK’s assassination, the Space Race, and Vietnam. 870 more words

File Under Random

August 19 – The Grateful Dead – American Beauty

Sorry, but first we have the story. If you remember, more than two weeks ago I went to a writers’ conference in the City. After the conference ended at 1pm on that Sunday, I bought a dress that wouldn’t leave me alone at Banana Republic, went uptown for brunch and a walk with my New York cousin, then went downtown to hang with a friend at his bar and pick up a few albums he offered to lend me. 678 more words


Week 33: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


When I was younger I wanted to be put into a mental hospital.

I wanted to go away and work myself better in peace and quiet, without the everyday babble getting in the way of treatment. 640 more words

August 2014

Adventure Time

Adventure Time might be the hippest cartoon on television. The art and animation are the stuff of dreams, the writing is witty (sometimes hilarious), but those two givens are only the beginning. 571 more words

William S. Burroughs

It Is

Our store bought notions of glory could only take us so far

Before being ripped from our heads like lice,

And stomped to the floor like protesters on Riot-Police Field Day. 313 more words