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37. Letters from Iwo Jima

Between the two movies, Clint Eastwood’s Iwo Jima duology spells a narrative of not alternate history, but alternate perspective. Leave it to the director of… 471 more words

BBPX Top 100

Inception (2010)

Directed By – Christopher Nolan

Screenplay By – Christopher Nolan

Cinematography By – Wally Pfister

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Co.

148 min.

Inception was Nolan’s most ambitious project at the time (now surpassed by Interstellar) and visually it’s beautiful. 340 more words


Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

The disaster film — which I think includes the giant monster film — has long been a venue for plots that encompass multiple characters, motives, and locations. 1,104 more words


MY MOVIE SHELF: The Last Samurai

The Task: Watch and write about every movie on my shelf, in order (Blu-rays are sorted after DVDs), by June 10, 2015.  Remaining movies: 210   892 more words


Inception (2010) - Grog's Movie Review

Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Caine… 1,328 more words

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Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald - Japanese screwball comedy at its best

Japanese films are not well known around the world for screwball comedy. Global audiences have typically been exposed to their award winning samurai films, anime, yakuza films and contemporary dramas. 915 more words


Throwback Thursday: Inception (2010)

A mind-bending masterpiece, Inception is a film like no other. Whereas Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is iconic and responsible for changing the way superhero films are made, it’s his original ideas that stand out as his greatest work. 704 more words