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Morgan Freeman Is In The Running To Play The Ancient One In 'Doctor Strange'

So, we know Benedict Cumberbatch will be starring in Doctor Strange, but the movie can’t just be Cumberbatch casting magic spells with those velvety pipes while staring smolderingly at the camera for 2 hours. 175 more words


Which Three Actors are Being Considered to Play The Ancient One in 'Doctor Strange'?

by: S.Scott Stanikmas

Marvel’s Dr. Strange has been gaining an incredible amount of steam. With the recent official announcement of Benedict Cumberbatch as the good doctor Marvel can now get down to filling out the supporting cast. 268 more words


Who will be Doctor Strange's mentor, the Ancient One?

Now that we know that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Dr. Stephen Strange, the Supreme Sorcerer, in the live action movie set for 2016, one question that is wandering around the Marvel-verse is “Who will play the Ancient One?” 114 more words


Actors for The Ancient One in Marvel's Doctor Strange Movie

It was recently announced that Benedict Cumberbatch would play the leading role, Stephen Strange, in Marvel’s upcoming movie, Doctor Strange. No other news about the movie has been announced just yet other than the possibility of one of Strange’s known villains, The Ancient One, being in the movie. 60 more words


Doctor Strange Film Gets Closer to Casting The Ancient One

Now that it’s been confirmed that fangirl favorite Benedict Cumerbatch is locked in to play Doctor Strange in the upcoming solo film, it’s time for Disney/Marvel to find the remainder of the cast. 222 more words


Possible 3 Contenders for Marvel's Doctor Strange's "The Ancient One"

By Sean Effendi

It was just last week that Marvel revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange in the upcoming November 4, 2016 film and now we have rumors saying that Doctor Strange’s mentor “The Ancient One” will appear in the film.   50 more words