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Ken Watanabe.

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Ken Watanabe. Not in a sexy way, you understand. Don’t get me wrong; if middle-aged Japanese actors were my type then Ken would definitely be top of the list. 810 more words


Tahun 1999, terjadi gempa besar di Filipina. Seorang ahli Dr. Serizawa dipanggil ketika penggali menemukan terowongan aneh. Di ahun yang sama, sebuah PLTN kolaps karena gempa bumi. 293 more words


Gojira, Lord Of Storms

Among several other activities last weekend, I managed to see last year’s second attempt by Hollywood to make a real kaijū eiga, Godzilla. 501 more words


Chandler's Trailers: "Godzilla" (2014)

      There is a harrowing moment very early on in Gareth Edwards’ busy but empty Americanized version of Toho perennial “Godzilla” in which the horror of a critical failure in a nuclear facility is made heartbreakingly personal when the wife of a plant supervisor is condemned to quickly die from radiation exposure during a reactor breach; their final moments of intimate contact separated by the closing windows of security doors, suddenly closing all past and future  in a matter of seconds. 112 more words


Mr. Sato and Yoshio visit a cafe that receives a daily letter from actor Ken Watanabe

Prolific Japanese actor Ken Watanabe may have achieved stardom both domestically and internationally, but to the residents of a small city in northern Japan, he’s also known for his heart of gold. 837 more words


"GODZILLA" (2014) Review

“GODZILLA” (2014) Review

“Godzilla again?” That was my reaction when I learned about a new Godzilla movie to be released for the summer of 2014. The last movie about the iconic Japanese monster had been released some 16 years ago and was met with a good deal of derision.

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Movie Review

Film Shots: Godzilla and The Interview

Godzilla (3.5/5)

There isn’t a movie monster as big as Godzilla, both figuratively and literally. It’s amazing, though, that a movie creature this destructive and awesome has been absent from our theaters. 916 more words

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