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Beautiful People - Morougha

In Kenna, there are several villainous types, but none of them are quite as sympathetic as Morougha, the Crown of Alacros. The last remaining male of his race, his death at the hand of a human was foretold when he was a child. 391 more words

when in doubt, post more snippets

When in doubt, post more snippets. That’s my motto. I still haven’t decided who to center July’s ‘Beautiful People’ on – the votes are either… 1,076 more words

Wednesday: Kenna - Land 2 Air Chronicles II

So there’s this guy, Kenna. He’s best friends with Justin Timberlake. He’s one of the guys who¬†dug into the depths of internet obscurity, dusted off MySpace and relaunched the website anew. 416 more words

Album Review

"when we have shuffled off the mortal whatsit"

I’ve hit 40,000 words/100 pages in This Mortal Coil and 30,000 words in Kenna. These stats combine to make me a happy human, and since I couldn’t think of much to blog about today, I decided it’s going to be another snippet-dump. 868 more words

Kenna: Words + Faces

Um, I’m so in love with this story. Also; the suggestion for next week’s Unscripted Vlog was to take questions, and I thought ‘why not?’ So if you have anything to ask me, leave your questions in the comment section below and I’ll get to them on Wednesday! <3

Fashion in a time of prophecy

It’s no secret that I love fashion, from drawing designs to figuring what I’m going to wear when I get up in the morning (although the second option is far more limited) – and what my characters wear is something that I love discovering. 436 more words

"She's a piece of work."

Once again, it’s time to share le petite ecrits or, little snippets. Since Kenna has had my full attention the past two weeks, it won’t surprise you to learn they’re all from said story. 528 more words