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"Lee died in the service of his country."

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. ~ Maya Angelou

That goes for institutions as well as people. When a person or an institution reveals something that makes you think, “That can’t possibly be true,” don’t think that if you overlook it, the truth will go away. 617 more words


Idealism and Hedonism

This summer CNN has been running a series of documentaries on the sixties. The decade ended with my having my first child. It was the decade my generation attended high school and finished college. 726 more words

Longtime SNL announcer Don Pardo dies at 96

Over the years, you’ve heard dozens of people say, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

But for decades, only one person said the next line: “It’s Saturday Night Live!” 96 more words


Family Matters

Last night I talked to my sister, Casey Stephenson, for over two hours on the phone. This was about one hour fifty-five minutes longer than I have ever talked to her in her life, and the last time I saw her, she was eight and now she’s twenty-eight, mother of two soon to be three. 1,771 more words

From The 10th Floor

Everyone Remembers Their First Time... Watching TV That Is

This weeks task was to interview someone about their first experience with the great almighty television. I chose to interview my uncle mainly because he was the oldest person within my immediate vicinity and also because I thought he might have some interesting stories to share. 787 more words

BCM 240

A History of the Game - Part Five

By Jana Bohrer

Following a long dormant period, backgammon re-emerged in the mid-1960s, largely due to Prince Alexis Obolensky also known as “The Father of Modern Backgammon”. 156 more words


Wikipedia Blocks Page Edits From Congress

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – House staffers may have a harder time updating their bosses Wikipedia pages after a series of rogue edits were brought to light, reports the  176 more words