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Stone Mason

My great-great grand father, James A. Townsend, was born in Calais, Maine and moved to Holbrook, Massachusetts setting the stage for the future meeting and union of his granddaughter, my grandmother, Eleanor, to my grandfather Lawrence O’Connor. 41 more words

Thomas Aloysius Kennedy

My great great-grandfather, Thomas Aloysius Kennedy. Great-grandfather to my father James. And grandfather to his mother, Eleanor Kennedy. We all have 8 great-grandfathers and 8 great-grandmothers. 20 more words

Is the President Being Blackmailed?

 Whistleblower Reveals NSA Spied on Obama Before 2004

In 2005, NSA whistleblower Russ Tice exposed illegal and unconstitutional NSA involvement in widespread surveillance against lawmakers, the Supreme Court and the American public. 208 more words

Attacks On Civil Liberties

Early Bird Chat

President Obama greets U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy upon his arrival at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo

President Obama is greeted by Caroline Kennedy and her husband Edwin Schlossberg




Where were you when? The cheese course question at every good dinner party.

If you’ve been to a dinner party lately (I haven’t, please invite me!) it’s inevitable that at some point the conversation will steer towards this question. 1,624 more words


Kennedy vs. Nixon, 1960

Joan and Greg were born just over three months apart in 1950, and Harry Truman was in the White House, about to deal with the invasion of South Korea. 585 more words