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Wicked Wake-Up Call: The Pancake Thief

Alexis stole a pancake from the all you can eat buffet and Alicia Love is calling to tell her the Boy Scouts are none too pleased about it! 63 more words


War of the Roses Marathon: Ring in the New Year

Jamie was hoping her boyfriend Jason would ring in the New Year with a ring…..boy was she wrong!

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? Let Karson & Kennedy know on… 61 more words


John Lennon Was Right

Reduce the Bible to its essence. Consider the messages of Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, the Dali Lama, and Mahatma Ghandi. What is the plea of a baby’s cry or a wounded soldier’s moan? 943 more words


Least Huggable Presidents

-Warren G. Harding
-John F. Kennedy
-Lyndon B. Johnson
-Bill Clinton


She Said/She Said: Is It Okay To Date Someone Your Friend Has Dated?

A guy Kennedy dated has asked Angie C out, so they got this question stuck in their minds: Is it okay to date someone your friend has dated? 110 more words


Tee 459

The Demicratic Party
Designed by tomburns

Ript Apparel

War of the Roses: Is Kennedy the Other Woman?

Tera is trying to catch Patrick in a lie but could it be that someone on the show is to blame?

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? 91 more words