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Art, Erotica and Pornography

I have written about the development of the female nude as an art form twice recently. Firstly, in commenting upon Kenneth Clark’s book The Nude, a Study in Ideal Form… 1,695 more words


Narrow and Broad Conceptions of Civilization


At the present time I hold a view of civilization that is quite broad, and which pushes civilization back to the origins of settled agrarianism. 1,637 more words


What is sacred? What profane?

I described in a previous post, The Nude, a Study in Ideal Form, the Platonic distinction between the Celestial and Natural Venus. This was the idea that there were essentially two aspects of Venus, one concerned with spiritual love and the other with earthly love. 552 more words


Archetypes of the Female Nude in Art

In a previous post I talked about Kenneth Clark’s book, “The Nude, a Study in Ideal Form”. As the title implies, one of the key themes of that book is that the nude as an art form is predominantly a quest for the idealised human form. 609 more words


The Nude, a Study in Ideal Form

I recently purchased a copy of “The Nude, a Study in Ideal Form” by Kenneth Clark. The book was published in 1956, based on lectures given in 1953. 828 more words


The End of Greco-Roman Civilisation

In his historical series ‘Civilisation’, Kenneth Clark blamed the decline of the ancient Greek and Roman societies on a single cause: exhaustion. The ‘feeling of hopelessness which can overcome people even with a high degree of material prosperity’. 1,557 more words