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Nationally Renowned Mediator to Address Emmanuel College Graduates at their 2014 Commencement Ceremony

Kenneth Feinberg, a Brockton native who has fulfilled lead mediation roles in the relief work following multiple national tragedies, will deliver the 2014 Emmanuel College Commencement address. 226 more words

What Is Life Worth? Attorney Kenneth Feinberg Has the Answer

By the time an organization hires Kenneth Feinberg, the tragedy itself is oftentimes long over with. Its victims, however, remain. And it is Feinberg’s job to figure out a way to quantify their loss. 645 more words

How do you know GM is in trouble? It hired this man

The attorney Ken Feinberg makes a good living off big problems.

When General Motors CEO Mary Barra let slip at a Congressional hearing yesterday that she had consulted Feinberg over how to deal with the company’s 6-million car recall, it was both a savvy way to show that she was taking the problem seriously—but also an admission that the company may be liable for significant financial damages. 340 more words

In a PR coup, Tom hires Kenneth Feinberg to fix the problems at "Truth According to Tom"

Tom is facing unprecedented criticism and ridicule of the Blog, “Truth According to Tom”.  It has gotten so bad that posts have been recalled and Congressional Investigations have been launched.  113 more words

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On Capitol Hill, General Motors CEO Mary Barra Apologizes For Deadly Ignition Switch Flaws

WASHINGTON (CBSNewYork/AP) — The piece needed to fix a defective ignition switch linked to 13 traffic deaths would have cost just 57 cents, according to documents submitted by General Motors to lawmakers investigating why the company took 10 years… 830 more words


GM Hires Attorney Kenneth Feinberg To Advise On Recall Victims

WASHINGTON (AP) – General Motors has hired attorney Kenneth Feinberg to advise it on its recall of small cars, but says his hiring doesn’t necessarily mean it will establish a fund for victims. 235 more words


Blame for MH370 hard to determine

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg, who represented the families of the 9/11 victims, discusses the legal case for the families of the missing MH370 passengers.

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