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Carry On Teacher [DVD]

Carry On Teacher

Carry On Teacher is the third in the very successful Carry On franchise, and this was probably the one when they thought that it might be nice to have an actual storyline, rather than a set of sketches put together. 453 more words

Carry On Movies

Carry On Nurse

Carry On Nurse


Set in an NHS hospital, not surprisingly, this is the second of the Carry On franchise. The regular cast gets a few more additions in the second feature, and a numberĀ of the cast of… 386 more words


Max Headroom

On an extremely blustery morning I walked to and from Giles’s home by the Shorefield footpath and Blackbush Road route.

Pine cones littered the terrain, and I added to my collection of fungi photos. 434 more words

I have to keep going to Europe the way Kenneth Williams had to keep going back to Tangiers

I have to keep going to Europe, the way Kenneth Williams had to keep going back to Tangiers. I realise now it is exactly the same thing. 211 more words

Broken Clowns Anonymous

This one is for ALL my fellow Broken Clowns out there, whether you blog or not…

The link between comedians and sadness – even Clinical Depression and Bi-Polar Disorder – is well-known. 476 more words


Mark Feckless decision to join UKip sparks Brooks Newmark Jihadist breakaway as MI6 brands former Tory Minister Newmark self-confessed Pink Oboe mutilator

We read today that Mark Reckless, after long consideration of the due amount of publicity likely to be involved during the UKip Conference, has decided – recklessly – to leave the Conservative Party and refight his seat (where he enjoys a 10,000 majority) to join UKip. 130 more words

Mark Reckless