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Mark Feckless decision to join UKip sparks Brooks Newmark Jihadist breakaway as MI6 brands former Tory Minister Newmark self-confessed Pink Oboe mutilator

We read today that Mark Reckless, after long consideration of the due amount of publicity likely to be involved during the UKip Conference, has decided – recklessly – to leave the Conservative Party and refight his seat (where he enjoys a 10,000 majority) to join UKip. 130 more words

Brooks Newmark

Yes it is true I am travelling to Vienna for sex

Yes, it is true I am travelling to Vienna for sex, and I have always travelled for sex, I am Casanova, but by chance along the way I have also discovered so many things that I would not have discovered otherwise—the Libertines, Elena Prokina, Heidi Klum on the billboard. 466 more words