Kevin Costner breaks down what it takes to be a great sports actor

On the set of his new film Draft Day last year, veteran actor Kevin Costner discussed the challenges of credibly playing an athlete. Costner stars as an NFL executive in the movie, but has in the past played an MLB pitcher, a minor league catcher and a pro golfer. 874 more words


Musicians + Sports: Rascal Flatts Counting Days Until Football Season Returns

By Scott T. Sterling

“I’m going to be honest,” admitted Jay DeMarcus. “I hate February and March.”

Rascal Flatts‘ bass player is of course referring to the time between the Super Bowl, and the opening day of the Major League Baseball season. 214 more words


I binge watched "Eastbound and Down" this week and I have no regrets

Despite what people may say, there are certain advantages to being late on certain TV shows. I remember being early to the party on television shows such as “Spawn” and “Archer” and the impatience I felt from week to week between episodes. 598 more words

Friday night fights

I’m not sure if I’m just noticing the recent obsession with ‘lifting’, or its just because I have spent too much time on Reddit lately and it’s all the mob over there seem to talk about. 244 more words

So Hilarious I Can Feel It In My Plummmms!

What’s better than a quality show??? That’s right, the bits where the actors messed up and tit bits that didn’t make the final cut. These are some of my absolute favourites, enjoy!


You're F***ing* out, I'm F***ing in!

About 5 years ago, a colleague at work asked me if I had seen this new show, Eastbound & Down. He didn’t really explain what it was but we share a similar sense of humour so I thought it would be worth a look. 298 more words