This man wants to fly across the St. Lawrence, strapped to a homemade steam-powered rocket

His ambitions are lofty, his disdain for idle souls is glaring, and his rocket is powered by steam. Now, this lesser-known American stuntman has his sights set on the Great North, where the width of a seaway separates him from Knievel-level recognition. 758 more words

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Life Lessons From Kenny Powers, Part 1

Self-doubt is a bitch.

It rears its head in your most vulnerable moments, poking and prodding your mind, consistently demanding acknowledgement. 262 more words


Epic Dance Moves

Four dance videos you’ll never forget.

Starsky and Hutch..dance off v dancin rick

JavaScript required to play Starsky and Hutch..dance off v dancin rick… 476 more words


What's Johnny Rocker Up To?

The controversial (Rocker prefers “polarizing”) and truly infamous former baseball player was given a visit from VICE to uncover who John Rocker really is and what he’s been up to since he’s been out of the spotlight for his… 183 more words


Fandom Friday: Comedy antiheroes

Villains are awesome. They make the story interesting without all that “do-goody” nonsense we have to put up with from the heroes. But what’s even better than a villain? 566 more words