Offensive Fashion: Urban Outfitters Has Crossed The Line

When it comes to high end fashion, designers take a lot of calculated risks in what they do. But when it comes to your day to day clothing company, the designers shouldn’t be taking the same kind of risks. 496 more words


Critique project one: Order

Our classes critique was interesting. It was definitely helpful to hear all the ideas and concerns of my classmates about my work. Hearing the positive words was inspiring while hearing the criticizing words was even more inspiring because it wanted me to correct my work and fix it so that it could possibly be better than what I accomplished. 11 more words


CollegeNow: Kent State, NFL drama and ISIL,AAAABvaL8JE~,ufBHq_I6Fny7fjR8M9k2uKWmHj6Crwh9&bctid=3797262650001

If the stress of school is already getting to you, keeping up with the news may not be on the top of your list. Don’t worry — USA TODAY College has got you covered. 380 more words


Group supporting ISIS tweets university, includes link to hostage video

KENT, Ohio — Kent State University officials say a group supporting ISIS tweeted the school Thursday, during a journalism conference about ethics and covering terrorism. 139 more words


Going Against the Grain: Urban Outfitter's Controversial Publicity

Does controversy equal bad PR or an unorthodox sales technique?

As the saying goes, “Any press is good press.” But is that really true? Lately it seems that one company in particular is taking advantage of any and all publicity, Urban Outfitters (UO). 254 more words

PR Primer

Some Kent State students not convinced 'bloody' sweatshirt was unintentional

The lack of judgment permeating companies is staggering. How many people signed off on the #KentState sweatshirt?

— Carol Roth (@caroljsroth) September 15, 2014…

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