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You, are the Shujaa

This week I met a man who has leukemia, cancer of the blood. He has lost everything. His life is no longer the same. As he narrates his story, his wife, a soft spoken middle aged woman takes a seat next him and not long into the conversation we understand why. 886 more words



Dot and I road tripped today.. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

I am a sad excuse of a “videographer,” but I hope you can excuse that and let these beautiful creatures leave you breathless, like they did for me. 144 more words


Walking among the tea fields in Kericho

Did you know that Kenya is the third-largest producer of tea in the world? Tea is Kenya’s main export and the industry provides employment for many people in the country, especially around Kericho, a town considered to be the tea capital of Africa. 515 more words


GOAT KILL - Olepolos

While filming Travel Diaries in Olepolos, host Eve D’Souza was given the task of slaughtering a goat. She turned vegetarian that evening! 😲😨  All in a days work!



Filming Travel Diaries Kenya has always been a lot of laughs for the entire production crew, but especially when Gaetano Kagwa’s bloopers are involved! Here’s some amusing moments captured on camera from Season 3!