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The African lion is perhaps the most overly romanticized and/or brutalized animal on the Masai Mara. The classically shaggy mane of hair gracing the males is instantly recognizable. 38 more words


Africa Through Instant Film

I recently took a trip to Africa and brought my new Lomoinstant camera and one hundred and twenty slides of film.

Here’s the best of the bunch.


Al-Shabaab Supporters Release Sixth Edition of Jihadist Magazine "Gaidi Mtaani"

Al-Shabaab supporters recently issued the fifth and now the sixth edition of pro-Shabaab magazine Gaidi Mtaani (“Terrorism Street”), covering a range of issues. [PDF in full… 656 more words


Held Hostage by Gangsters .... and the Cake Matron..

I have always known what to do if I ever came face to face with trigger happy gangsters; obey their thirst. Unfortunately, what my mind knows and what my body does always contradict. 966 more words


[Friday postcards]: Kenya

Today’s postcard comes from Shannon O’Donnell, whose recent trip to Kenya brought her face-to-face with the Maasai people at the Maji Moto Cultural Camp… 63 more words

Social Entrepreneurship Training in Hard to Reach Places: Developing an MVP

After 8 weeks in Eldoret in Western Kenya, developing an MVP to test if social entrepreneurship training in hard to reach places can develop and launch social entrepreneurs, how did it go? 816 more words


BREAKING NEWS: Charges Dropped by the ICC Prosecutor in the Kenyatta Case

Earlier this week, the Trial Chamber in the Kenyatta case at that ICC told the Prosecutor to either bring new evidence or drop the charges. 782 more words