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A Loten’s Sunbird (Cinnyris lotenius) female, resident in my garden, on her favorite ixora flowerbed, feasting. Clicked at Trivandrum in Sept/2014


The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Someone today, in a podcast I was listening to, asked how to be a good writer. Lead an interesting life, he was told. People want to read about interesting lives. 915 more words

The Backwaters of Kerala, India

Our group of four was greeted with “tender coconuts” to drink while we got settled into the boat and into our bedroom. Our houseboat was over 100ft long with three bedrooms, a dining room, an upstairs lounge deck and all the amenities of a hotel (including AC), I was in awe. 305 more words


Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudica (from Latin: pudica “shy, bashful or shrinking”; also called sensitive plant, sleepy plant and the touch-me-not), is a creeping annual or perennial herb. (Wiki)

Nikon D5100