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Running Ubuntu on Zynq-7000

I have lately needed to get Ubuntu running on my Zynq, and as usual, it required a bit more a following a recipe. My final goal was to run a macro benchmark where the task was to compile the Linux Kernel for ARM in the Zynq itself. 583 more words


Watching Someone on Their Cross

When I was first told this quote, I didn’t understand how true it was. I’d never been in that position before. I reasoned, in my mind, that it couldn’t be that hard. 426 more words

Spiritual Growth

Kernel (Operating System)

A computer kernel interfaces between the three major computer hardware components, providing services between the application/user interface and the CPU, memory and other hardware I/O devices. 67 more words


Explanation of Kernel.c file

As previously mentioned we decided to start execution at the kmain function.

void kmain()
	// TODO: Kernel here.

If we run the kernel code, it will start executing kmain, return, and then go into an infinite loop as implemented in… 1,179 more words


Linux hits 23 - the Time Machine that changed the world!

Linux reached the entirely respectable age of 23 this week, more or less.

More or less 23, that is, not more or less respectable.

25 August 1991 was the day that a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds… 905 more words


T100 Timeout Issue Solved!

The previous post showed how to capture the details of the timeout errors on disk access that were plaguing the Linux boot process on my Asus T100. 179 more words



Make me a blueberry

of bite size



Or an extract

of soy

essence of the bean

digested by you

If perhaps

unpalatable plain yogurt… 44 more words