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Thanksgiving 2013

I don’t believe that there are coincidences in life. I believe that things definitely happen sometimes because that’s how they are supposed to go. And I am really thankful for that. 573 more words

Why I Think Windows 10 Kernel Version is Set to Become 10.0 Instead of 6.4

After seeing a note on an MSDN article, we are assuming that the change in the Windows 10’s kernel version number of 10.0 is, indeed, real. 771 more words

MS Windows

LISA 2014 Kernel Debugging Tutorial Materials

Click to Read: Those planning to attend the tutorial at LISA 2014 on kernel debugging will need to do some prep work prior to attending. 19 more words


Eh? Wazuppa my kernel?

uname -a : all kernel ver. info.

uname -r : exact kernel ver.

lsb_release -a : for all info related to ver.

lsb_release -r : exact version. 12 more words

Linux Process Scheduler

This post derives words from InformIT – The Linux Process Scheduler by Robert Love. The original is based on the knowledge of kernel 2.6. It is expected to be outdated as at the time of writing Linux kernel has moved to version 3.17. 2,077 more words


Dining with the Kernel

Daddy was opinionated for sure. And one of the things he had very strong opinions on was where he ate. Once he liked a place, he could be counted on to go back. 437 more words


The Next Era of Computer Science

Pursuing Computer Science eh? Well, as attractive as it might look, pursuing computer science can become a headache if you don’t know what to learn. As a computer science student, I have had many troubling moments pondering over the same and getting nowhere. 156 more words