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Kero Blaster prologue demo Pink Hour released by Studio Pixel

Kero Blaster developer Studio Pixel has released a free prologue to the game for PC titled Pink Hour. The studio hopes it will tide people over till Kero Blaster releases subsequent month. 24 more words

Kero Blaster, Studio Pixel’s latest, gets a name change and a joyous new trailer

If this trailer for Pixel’s long-awaited follow-up to Cave Story doesn’t lift you up, then I’m sorry but you might be a soulless husk – either that or you aren’t overly fond of platforming, chiptunes, or Pixel’s expressive yet simplistic art style. 7 more words

Sakura CardCaptor

 Narra las aventuras de Sakura Kinomoto, una pequeña niña de diez años que accidentalmente libera un conjunto de cartas que se encontraban dentro de un libro, el cual había descubierto en la biblioteca de su padre. 166 more words

Cardcaptor Sakura - Kero's High Score Crushed

Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 60

A Very Funny Moment In The CCS Anime Where Kero Looses His High Score In What Appears To Be A Racing Game He’s Playing On A Sega Saturn.

Cats 101

My friends, today was a day of education.

I started with the purest of intentions. In order to help acclimate Kero to social interaction with normal living things (as in not Jeremy and me), I wanted to take my darling tabby to the pet store. 330 more words

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