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Keroppi Frog Crochet

Little K has been feeling so miserable that I decided to make a little something to cheer him up. This little guy has just the cuteness my Little K needs to cheer him up. 6 more words


Jual Lap Tangan Handuk Keroppi

Jual Lap Tangan Handuk Keroppi

Lap tangan handuk keropi

Bahan handuk lembut

Ukuran : 40 x 25cm

Harga Rp 35.000


The Cat is a Lie

Or, “What Else Has Sanrio Forgotten to Tell Us?

Color me confused.   I just learned that one of my cuteness obsessions,  Hello Kitty,  is NOT a cat. 925 more words


Soup Art - Keroppi and My Melody

I found this yummy recipe to make cream of broccoli soup, and it sure is tasty! I decorated the soup as Keroppi, with dollops of sour cream as the eyes. 153 more words

Jual selimut keroppi

Jual Selimut Keroppi

Selimut keroppi dengan bahan bulu halus atau sutra panel

Ukuran selimut : 200 x 150cm

Harga Rp 145.000,-