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Soup Art - Keroppi and My Melody

I found this yummy recipe to make cream of broccoli soup, and it sure is tasty! I decorated the soup as Keroppi, with dollops of sour cream as the eyes. 153 more words

Jual selimut keroppi

Jual Selimut Keroppi

Selimut keroppi dengan bahan bulu halus atau sutra panel

Ukuran selimut : 200 x 150cm

Harga Rp 145.000,-


Jual jam meja goyang keroppi

Jual jam meja goyang keroppi

Jam meja yang detiknya bisa bergoyang, sangat lucu dengan karakter keroppi.

Ukuran : 20 x 10 cm 

Harga Rp 35.000,-

Jam Lucu

Keroppi and Badtz Maru sushi bento

Made inari sushi again for Z1 again as it is his favourite. I made Keroppi and Badtz Maru to fit in the aburaage this time round. 31 more words

Keroppi and snail bento

I took Z1 to his future primary school on Saturday, so he ate out with me while the little ones had this frog and snail bento at home. 91 more words