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Winter Wonderland

Travel Alaska for the winter; let this be the biggest Christmas vacation of your life.

Now you might be asking why Alaska? Let us start by elucidating about our location and history, Pacific Airways is located in the southeast part of Alaska, one of the warmest locations in the state, we have year round river fishing, as long as you’re at sea level which is most of southeast you will not see much if any snow in the Ketchikan and surrounding areas, but our mountains are covered with snow from mid Fall to mid Spring. 161 more words

Alaska Fishing

Going, going, gone!

Sailing into Ketchikan it was intriguing to see the homes and boats in their various state of disrepair. Some were so very much-loved whilst others, … 48 more words


Alaska Trapping

Alaska Trapping

We are in the season of fur traders, this time of year many travel to Alaska for one thing, to capture that perfect pelt for your new rug, wall piece or gift. 337 more words

Grace on Deer Mountain

At the end of the quaint residential stretch in Ketchikan, the road slopes ever upward towards the mountains surrounding the island town. If you were to arrive in Ketchikan blindfolded, you might assume that the ocean is a lake because the valley, now sea, obviously flooded long before we ever set foot on the land. 1,195 more words


Northbound or Southbound?

“Northbound or Southbound?” I’d ask my guests after I split them up and learned who was mine for the tour. They knew right away what I meant. 2,175 more words