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Bubble Feed

Any North bound cruise guest has romanticized the whales of Alaska. It’s been drilled into them that a cruise through the Inside Passage promises numerous glimpses of mighty humpbacks breaching, belugas dancing below the surface as ghostly white blurs, and the black dagger fins of the keen Orca. 745 more words


Across the Sea

He was ecstatic. It was some night of significance – the highest tide of the season or a full moon, I don’t remember – and he had completed a paddle across the Behm Canal to mainland Alaska in the light of the infrequent summer moon of the North. 1,466 more words


From My Window

Nana L died this summer. No no- you don’t have to screw your face into that expression and you can uncock your head and stop murmuring but thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. 964 more words