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The Truth about Hot Dogs.

I just got home from my evening course at HPC and the bed is calling (read:yelling), but first I wanted to share with you, a YouTube clip I was showed at the course tonight. 39 more words

High School Students End The Scourge Of Watery Ketchup With 3D Printing

Kids these days! If they’re not wilding and smoking doobies, they’re using CAD/CAM software and a lot of engineering insight to build a ketchup bottle cap that ensures that you will never have to deal with the messy separated liquid that squirts out before the actual ketchup does. 171 more words


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And you thought that they could only obsess over their SAT's/FCAT's!

Chicken and Beer, Eastwood Walk

Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. This is all I can say. I’ve eaten here before but in the BGC branch. However this was one of the worst mosquito infested places I have ever known. 162 more words

The Hungry Ballerina

High School Students Invent Solution For Watery Ketchup

It all started with our wonder at high school students who had invented a brilliant solution to stop that watery stuff that comes out of ketchup bottles before the ketchup. 105 more words


Playing Ketchup

When I was in elementary and middle school, teachers would occasionally proclaim a “catch-up day,” one where no additional work was assigned and no additional concepts were taught. 164 more words

Apricot and Plum Sauce

I’ve been asked again to publish this recipe – better than Ketchup and goes on just about anything that you would normally put the sauce on.  127 more words

Crime Scene Shots.

Here are the final crime scene shots which we will be using in our movie opening. The shots turned out quite well, although there were a few difficulties along the way. 117 more words