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Apricot and Plum Sauce

I’ve been asked again to publish this recipe – better than Ketchup and goes on just about anything that you would normally put the sauce on.  127 more words

Crime Scene Shots.

Here are the final crime scene shots which we will be using in our movie opening. The shots turned out quite well, although there were a few difficulties along the way. 117 more words


#77 Yuckchup

He slathered the ketchup on the glazed doughnut before stuffing it into his mouth.

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Jason Jack

Technically Food #1, in which I ingest Quorn Vegetarian Chicken Burgers, by M.S. Hardtack

A quick introduction:

My name is M.S. Hardtack. Mr. Patrick has kindly given me this space on his blog to cut loose and really get my views out there. 1,001 more words


Homemade Fish & Chips ft. Nanny Hudson's Ketchup

Hi, everyone!

It’s no secret that I love fish & chips. Especially the ‘chips’ part. But you know what I love even more?

Homemade fish & chips. 347 more words


Maple Glazed Ribs

Thanks to our departing friends we had some previously frozen ribs to cook. Since I only got them in the afternoon and they were already partially thawed, I had to cook them! 280 more words

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

Curry Up Now or Ketchup Later

There are two facts you need to know about curry ketchup. 1) It’s a spiced version common in Germany and a few surrounding countries, and 2) it is the most exciting member of the ketchup family. 270 more words