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Day 12: New recipes will help me not go insane & everyone knows everything about your diet.

Today’s Weight: 154

Feeling: Accomplished

Just like every other day, I got up not wanting to make breakfast. I loathed making more eggs. I didn’t want lunch meat and cheese. 1,260 more words

Day 11: I'm really tired of eggs. Guess I will make eggs.

Today’s Weight: 154 (well, that’s not good!)

Feeling: Very, very tired.

This morning I said to myself, “I’m really tired of eggs.” With that statement I decided to do a search on keto friendly breakfasts that I can eat. 592 more words

I Ate Carbs, and the World Didn't End: Food IS Medicine!

The past two weeks have been so incredible: and all thanks to one small change I made!

It started two weeks ago when I got together with one of my best girlfriends, who has been a huge support for me during this recovery process. 1,022 more words

Day 10: I couldn't say no. Not on amusement park day!

Today’s Weight: 153.4 (beginning to stop losing water weight)

Feeling: Stomach hurts and I am feeling incredibly guilty.

Today was the day that my fiance and I went to an amusement park. 737 more words

Day 9: I took a chance. Let's hope it doesn't throw off the scale.

(I didn’t know that my time was off. This blog was actually posted on 8/30/2014 at 10:40p. It is lying! Changed it now.)

Today’s Weight: 153.4 (only .2lbs. 796 more words

Day 8: My dogs love steak night.

Today’s Weight: 153.6

Feeling: I was starving before dinner. Now I’m good!

Today I didn’t eat enough for lunch. I just had the zoodles as leftovers and, boy, was it not enough. 266 more words

Day 6: I'm all about that measurement.

Today’s Weight: 155.0 (1.9lbs since start)

Feeling: Wonderful

I guess I should start off by saying exactly what I want out of this diet because I never have before. 799 more words