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Carbs More Harmful than Saturated Fats

Caught that headline on Yahoo which referred to a recent Study.  Most interesting – the Senior Author of the Study is Jeff Volek along with his partner-in-crime, Stephen D. 328 more words

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Keto Thanksgiving: Broccoli Cheese Casserole

This is basically the world’s easiest casserole recipe. My aunt traditionally makes it for every Thanksgiving, as someone in my family is nearly always vegetarian. It also works well as a keto dish, because it’s high in fat, and low carb. 85 more words

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A Halo of Frost...

Winter is well on the way, and I love it!

This morning, my boots went crunch, crunch, crunch in the thick frost. Toasty-warm in my woolly jumper, scarf & mittens; I… 89 more words

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Spicy Chilli-Beef Meatballs with Tomato Ragout, Steamed Romanesco & Manchego - low carb, fast & delicious!

Back home late from work? Well this dish is low-carb in a hurry! Having said that, there’s no compromise on flavour, and you still get that wonderful… 616 more words

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Dark & Delicious Coffee & Walnut Cake - a low carb, LCHF diabetic treat!

There’s a refined ‘grown-up’ pleasure to coffee and walnut cake. The taste is pleasingly sweet, but also carries an intensity not found in other flavours. 540 more words

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Timbale of Leek, Parmesan & Crayfish-Tails with Dressed Green-Leaves - true low carb sophistication!

I always feel that if you enjoy food & spend time preparing it, the presentation should certainly not let you down. But what often looks complicated, 504 more words


Black Forest Chicken with Courgette-Noodles - speedy, low carb comfort food!

We’ve had an incredibly busy day, so I really wanted something quick & easy, but which didn’t have that feeling of a ‘rushed short-cut meal’. 443 more words

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