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5 Delicious Ways To Substitute Carbs!

I’ve been trying to actively cut carbohydrates out of my life (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) and came across some quick and easy ways to substitute them! 512 more words


In The Spaghetto

Sunday is prep for the week day now that I am on LCHF. I find it easier to get ready for the week in the weekend as I have lectures, study and work to complete and the last thing that I want to be doing is cooking at the end of the day. 288 more words


Let Them Eat Cake

Last night I really wanted cake after dinner. It’s not often that I crave dessert, but when this desire comes, I am like a zombie looking for brains; I will do anything to scoop some in my mouth. 365 more words


Got a sweet tooth?

Here’s another one for the day. :)

I am not a fan of milk, never really have been – unless it’s chocolate or strawberry milk. :D I do love a cold glass of vanilla soy. 128 more words

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Books that are great for starting Keto

So I’ve struggled a bit with this new WOE (way of living) known as Keto. I have bad tendencies to cheat on the weekends. But even on my  159 more words

Healthy Living

From the Kitchen: Ashley's chicken alfredo (gluten-free & THM - S)

This recipe comes from my friend Ashley who always makes such yummy foods! I have been wanting lots of good fatty foods with this current pregnancy (yep, #3 is in the oven!). 102 more words

From The Kitchen


What is Ketosis

The metabolic state of ketosis occurs when carb levels are very low, typically when we consume 20 grams of carbs (or less) per day. 45 more words