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Chinese Chilli Chicken-Drumsticks with Spicy Butternut Noodles – a low carb taste of the orient!

Sometimes life needs a bit of spice, and dinner is always a good place to start!

Chinese food can be problematic on a diabetic- / ketogenic-diet. 292 more words

Country Walks

Chicken, Chorizo & Chicory Gratin with Smoked Ham, Brie & Emmental. One-Pot Low-Carb Comfort Food!

Okay, so I like things that rhyme! But believe me; that’s certainly not the motivation behind this dish. So what is? Taste. Quite simply put; it’s delicious! 434 more words


Dawn secrets...

At this time of year, the dawn is slow to give up its secrets.

Even the clinical light of day has trouble finding its way in the mists. 81 more words


Pan-Seared Fillet of Cod in a Cream-Cheese & Vermouth Sauce, Served with Parmesan Shavings & Fresh Basil - rich, decadent low-carb!

I’ve always been enchanted by the very Victorian concept of a fish-course. There’s something incredibly luxurious and decadent about it – a whole chapter of a meal dedicated to  379 more words


Where to Start

Okay…so P- and I are jumping ALL in on this thing. We downloaded and bought hard copies of Carrie Vitt’s book. Since we are both going to need to get well versed in the world of Grain Free. 306 more words

Grain Free

Fragrant Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Roasted Aubergine. Effortless, exotic, low in carbs, high in taste!

Moroccan food is one of my absolute favourites. The flavour-profile is so incredibly deep & exotic, that just one bite alone immediately transports you to another world! 591 more words

Country Walks

Turrets in the mist...

The mystical state of ketosis is never more beautiful than at dawn.

Late autumn, with its meandering mists; has a magic all of its own. 6 more words

Country Walks