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The calm AFTER the storm...

The daily walk’s been a little cheerier this morning.

The wind and rain have thankfully died down. It seems I’m not the only one to be glad of this fact…

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The slow onset of diabetes...

Finding out that Nicholas James was diabetic was a huge shock! It took us totally by surprise.We’d never dreamt it happened to people ‘our age’ and had always assumed it was a ‘lifestyle’ thing. 1,028 more words

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Sage-Roasted Chicken with Creamy Forestière Mushrooms, Broccoli & Sugar-Snap Peas - the perfect low-carb dinner for a blustery autumn night!

Late home from work again, so needed something I could just ‘let cook’ whilst I unwound and forgot the tensions of the day!

This meal has ‘comfort’ written all over it. 298 more words

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Cholesterol – when it's good it's very very good; when it's bad it's horrid!

The science behind weight-loss can be a little intimidating! Every time I try to research the bits I don’t understand; the explanations uncover 50 more things I’ve yet to learn! 987 more words

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Fun with Fudge

I eat berry fudge daily.

It’s my #1 strategy for maintaining ketosis on my ketogenic variation of the Autoimmune Protocol. And it’s yummy.

I’ve posted a number of fudge recipes: 571 more words

A blustery day in the State of Ketosis...

The news-reports say we should be bracing ourselves for the ‘tail end of hurricane Gonzalo’!

It certainly feels like we’re in for a spot of turbulence, that’s for sure! 40 more words

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Great British 'Bangers', Aubergine-Rolls & Garlicky, Buttered Peas & Spinach with Feta - Sublime!

Low-carb comfort food at its best!

Coarse-ground pork sausages with a hint of sage; matched perfectly with buttery garlic peas & spinach. The sharp, tangy taste of feta ‘lifts’ the dish & freshens it; whilst retaining the all important ‘richness’, that lies at the heart of all comfort-food. 210 more words

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