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LeBron James Cut Carbs for Lean Look

Just confirmation that word is spreading — if you want to lower your body fat percentage and start looking lean and defined, cutting carbs way down or completely out is the way to go. 149 more words

Diet And Exercise

Keto diet - Week 4

Week four results: Weight lost – 2.8 pounds     Inches lost (waist) – none, but my poochie belly is shrinking!    Body fat %:  – 1%

Whew! Yay! 384 more words


Paleo and Keto - What's the Difference?

I just answered this question in a forum over at Myfitnesspal.com, but the answer also makes for a good blog post, so here we go: 488 more words


Personal Update 4

What’s up everybody? I apologize for being MIA for so long, but I had a few personal issues going on that I needed to focus on. 203 more words


Ketosis and athletic performance

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article on this topic last week (you can find it here). In it they describe how endurance athlete… 212 more words


The Perfect BLT

A few of my patients have come in struggling with their weight this week, following what they assumed to be a low carbohydrate diet. They were eating yogurt for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch, and chicken and vegetables for dinner. 182 more words


Why am I not in ketosis?

Why Am I Not In Ketosis ?

If you want to get into ketosis, your lack of success may be dependent on a number of factors. 827 more words