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What is Ketosis

The metabolic state of ketosis occurs when carb levels are very low, typically when we consume 20 grams of carbs (or less) per day. 45 more words


Day 2

Last night my stomach was upset. I think it was more from the Splenda in my iced tea than hunger though. Note: Splenda on a nearly empty stomach is a no-no. 203 more words


18 Thoughts You (Only) Have on a High Fat Diet

I’m back on Educogym.  For those who don’t know, Educogym is a high-fat , super-low carb diet combined with heavy weight lifting. I did it 18 months ago and lost 9lb in 12 days which I kept off for over a year. 398 more words

Weight Loss

Tick, Tick, Boom

Let’s talk about getting fat into your diet, fast.

We’ve all had those days where we look at our macros and think “Too much protein today, not enough fat”. 330 more words


Core Health Dynamics | Ketosis 101!

“Miracle Weight Loss”, “Fat Burning”, “The only D.I.E.t you’ll ever need”, ” Ketosis”….wait…what? One of these things is not like the other as the jingle on Sesame Street used to go. 362 more words

Health And Wellness

Breakfast and macronutrient breakdown

Using PaleoTrack.com, I’ve been watching my macronutrient percentages and attempting to eat enough calories. I started using the website when I reached a plateau with my weight loss. 153 more words

Eat Real

Paleo, shmaleo.

Silence Dogood here. Yesterday, our friend Ben and I were grocery shopping. I’m always interested in checking out what my fellow shoppers are buying while I’m waiting (and waiting) in the checkout line; it beats the hell out of staring at those magazine covers about the Kardashians or “guess who this fat actress is.” Ugh! 801 more words

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