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Ketogenic Diet, Day 1

Got through the first day — no major problems.

In the evening I went to Whole Foods and decided to pick out some interesting meat/fish items for dinner today and tomorrow. 185 more words

Keto - egg fast

So WordPress (and any other blog site) is blocked at my school, which I completely understand, since I’d probably waste a lot of time writing in my blog while I could be doing other things…. 374 more words

Keto Diet

Gestational Diabetes

One reason I gave up bread and all grains is because I’m at risk for gestational diabetes, given my age. I don’t have any other risk factors, but apparently age is enough because I failed the first glucose tolerance test miserably (with my last pregnancy, I barely passed). 422 more words


: Cauliflower Pizza

Ok, so a huge part of weight-loss is organisation, also interesting and easy recipes! This is one of my FAVOURITE meals whilst I have been on Keto; … 182 more words


Ketogenic Diet, Day 0

I’m starting a long-term paleo-style ketogenic diet, tomorrow.  I have about 40# to lose (about 20% of my total body mass).  I’ve done this before and it works well.   328 more words

: Tell me about Ketosis?

‘Ketosis’ is a state at which your body has an extremely high fat-burning rate. In other words, you are burning your fat instead of sugar for energy and fast!! 416 more words