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Unearthed in Memoriam

Artist Issam Kourbaj on his current installation at Kettle’s Yard.

I left Syria, but never my memories of it. Revisiting them warms my heart. But when I remember my own childhood and think of what the children of Syria are going through today and how their memories and their homes and all the beautiful and fragile and delicate things that make up a child’s outer and inner life have been torn to pieces and are violently and suddenly buried in shattered fragments under the ground, hidden beneath the silent earth, it’s difficult for me not to feel a mixture of pain, shock and anger. 434 more words


My Museum Favourite: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Maria Carmi as the Madonna, 1912

With over 5 million works of art, artefacts and specimens within our collections, how exactly do you go about choosing a favourite? This was the challenge faced by staff and volunteers across the museums and Botanic Garden when they were invited to provide a personal response to their favourite specimens or objects. 415 more words


The future but not as we knew it: Somewhere at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

‘What are the boxes?’ an inquisitive visitor asked the gallery assistant. I glanced over and saw the assistant get up from her perch in the corner of the gallery and gesture to some information printed on the wall. 1,316 more words



As the Gustav Metzger exhibition at Kettles Yard closed last week, I interviewed the gallery, to see if the show was a success and to find out more about Metzger and his input into the exhibition. 290 more words

Behind the scenes at 8 Museums in 1 day

On 29 August 2014 John Orna-Ornstein, Director of Museums, and colleagues from Arts Council England visited all eight University of Cambridge Museums in one day. 52 more words


A handful of Mars, rediscovered whales and the very last carrier pigeon

I go to museums a lot; it’s part of Arts Council keeping fully in touch with what’s happening around the country. But Friday was unusual even for me. 822 more words


#AskACurator day: Wednesday 17 September 2014

After huge success in 2013, staff from across the University of Cambridge Museums will be taking part in #AskACurator day on Wednesday 17 September 2014. 341 more words