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Winnipeg Sports Media: This Gary Lawless column isn't that bad...unless it really is

Many years ago, I was instructed by one of my first newspaper gurus that a headline should sell, tell and fit. That is, it should sell the story, tell the story and fit the layout. 739 more words

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Kevin Cheveldayoff must change this team...and start with the Atlanta Core.

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Following a horrid 1-4 opening to the Winnipeg Jets season, it would seem that Coach Maurice is feeling the same frustration as the fans and his predecessor Claude Noel. 622 more words

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[Redacted]: Poophat Primer

It’s finally that time of year again.  The leaves are turning, the air is beginning to get a little brisk, and the Conference III Crown of Fecal Matter is fresh, odorous, and steamy.  212 more words

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Don't blame Chris Thorburn for being Chris Thorburn

It is 2:07 in the morning where I live. Rain is performing a delicate tap dance on my window, a gentle reminder that the wet season soon shall be in full voice for those of us who long ago fled to the left flank of the country to escape winter’s wrath. 726 more words

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Why are Jets Fans Buzzing?...The Wind Beneath Their Wings...by Geoff Brookes

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The experts’ prognostications are in.

They keep staring at the Winnipeg Jets’ roster. They compare it to last year’s sheet. They note the limited changes in personnel. 629 more words

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Retroactively bold predictions: NHL pre-season

This is a feature called Bold Predictions that I am posting a week late. In this sports media landscape, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. 728 more words


Winnipeg Sports Media: Why is Tim Campbell telling us to view the Jets with rose-tinted glasses?

Certain people ought not to be allowed near a keyboard. Some suggest I am one of those certain people.

Well, as much as I would like to oblige those who would have me silenced, I’m having far too much fun having sport with those who would have me silenced. 808 more words

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