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Kevin D. Williamson on Barry's Good Idea: Police Interactions Should All be on Video

National Review‘s Kevin D. Williamson writes:  Barack Obama once had a good idea, or at least half of one: As the president himself pointed out in his recent remarks on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., during his time in the Illinois state legislature he backed a law requiring that police take video of interrogations and confessions. 520 more words

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[VIDEO] Kevin D. Williamson: Ferguson Policing 'a Demonstration of Failure'

I missed this broadcast. From The Corner a few moments ago. Jonah Goldberg and Kevin D. Williamson are among Pundit Planet‘s favorite book authors and at-large news analysts, but we don’t get to see Mr. 40 more words


Bored Porn-surfing Feds Have More Free Time and Bigger Paychecks Than You Do

“He stated he is aware it is against government rules and regulations, but he often does not have enough work to do and has free time.” 545 more words

Laws: Maybe We Should Write Them Down

Disdain for the letter of the law is complexly intertwined with the progressive imagination.

Kevin D. Williamson — no slouch when it comes to precise language himself — has a… 256 more words

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'On the matter of illegal immigration, we are effectively governed by criminals'

For National Review OnlineKevin D. Williamson reports:

Considering the sundry enthusiasms upon which government at all level spends our money — Harry Reid’s bovine literary interests, helping out those poor struggling people who own Boeing — it is remarkable that the job of apprehending a known felon, once deported from the United States and illegally present in Texas, fell to  563 more words

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Kevin D. Williamson: The Eternal Dictator

The ruthless exercise of power by strongmen and generalissimos is the natural state of human affairs. 

For National Review OnlineKevin D. Williamson writes: I’m 41 years old, which doesn’t feel that old to me (most days), but history is short. 450 more words