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'On the matter of illegal immigration, we are effectively governed by criminals'

For National Review OnlineKevin D. Williamson reports:

Considering the sundry enthusiasms upon which government at all level spends our money — Harry Reid’s bovine literary interests, helping out those poor struggling people who own Boeing — it is remarkable that the job of apprehending a known felon, once deported from the United States and illegally present in Texas, fell to  563 more words

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Kevin D. Williamson: The Eternal Dictator

The ruthless exercise of power by strongmen and generalissimos is the natural state of human affairs. 

For National Review OnlineKevin D. Williamson writes: I’m 41 years old, which doesn’t feel that old to me (most days), but history is short. 449 more words


IRS: A Criminal Conspiracy

A Series of Unfortunate Events?

For National Review OnlineKevin D. Williamson writes: You may recall that when the IRS political-persecution scandal first started to become public, the agency’s story was that the trouble was the result of the misguided, overly enthusiastic actions of a few obscure yokels in Cincinnati. 327 more words

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Mamet Cease-and-Desist Letter Closes Gender-Reassigned 'Oleanna' After One Performance

Known for crafting scripts for the stage and screen with maximum authorial command, David Mamet is the last guy I’d count on to “go with the flow” in a dispute about… 1,061 more words

Kevin D. Williamson: The Photoshop Cops

Cosmopolitan does not cause anorexia

Taking a pause from being NRO‘s most controversial firecracker-thrower in the gender identity wars, currently the most-hated voodoo doll… 422 more words


Societal Construct or "Biological Fact"?

Mr. Williamson, I just read your article claiming that Laverne Cox cannot be a woman based on “biological fact”, yet your understanding of biological fact is somewhat outdated, or even completely wrong. 1,072 more words