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Taking God at His Word - Kevin DeYoung, Why the Bible is worth knowing, trusting and loving.

I’ve just finished “Taking God at His Word” by Kevin DeYoung, picked up at Word Alive this year. The sub-title of the book says it all: “Why the Bible is worth knowing, trusting and loving.” 468 more words

DeYoung and the CBMW conference 2014

This is a duty kind of post. When I read that DeYoung was going to speak on the topic of “The Beauty of Difference- In Heaven and on Earth,” 525 more words


'Taking God at His Word' by Kevin DeYoung

Few Christians would pick up a book entitled Doctrines of the Holy Scripture.  And that is precisely why Kevin DeYoung’s latest book is entitled Taking God at His Word… 1,088 more words


Take God at His Word: Kevin DeYoung on the Character of Scripture

Matt Smethurst:

Your Bible is evidence that the Maker of the universe is a God who initiates, who reveals, who talks. There are, after all, only two options when it comes to knowledge of one’s Creator: revelation or speculation. 976 more words

The Word Of God

Electronics Addiction: Another Leading Cause of "Busyness"

Dear Lindsey,

It is astounding that the same tools that multiply efficiency of time can steal it in equal magnitude.  I would say that life would be better if electricity were never used, but wouldn’t that make me a hypocrite as I type on my word-processor and you read on your computer? 1,710 more words

Kevin Deyoung - More Plodding Visionaries

What we need are fewer revolutionaries and a few more plodding visionaries. That’s my dream for the church—God’s redeemed people holding tenaciously to a vision of godly obedience and God’s glory, and pursuing that godliness and glory with relentless, often unnoticed, plodding consistency. 31 more words

Kevin DeYoung

Taking God At His Word (Book Review)

Do you want to know the main reasons why Christians believe the Bible is God’s word to us? If you’re a Christian who needs to teach yourself again why you ought to trust the Bible, or if you’re not a Christian who is curious about how the Bible views itself, then… 863 more words

Book Review